Men #53 and #54, in the middle of the French Italian couple

I don’t remember who started, saying what. I still remember, anyway, that I went on chatting simply hooked by the gentleness of the guy. He was quite mature, with black&white hair and beard and a body who had very probably been toned in youth, but now was just big. He had a nice way of keeping a conversation which was slightly personal, slightly generic, slightly erotic. When he sent me the picture of himself and his boyfriend, both in briefs and then in body contact, I let the conversation flow even more freely and slightly naughty.

We kept chatting for at least 4 days, morning and evening: they were visiting from Paris, exploring the city with friends, going to museums and art galleries, having very fancy dinners. I don’t remember who came out with the idea of a true proposal of meeting. It was probably me, it was a Saturday morning, a lovely day, they had just had breakfast and were still lingering in their room. I took my bike and went in front of their super modern hotel, waiting outside. Being quite a gentleman, he told me he would have been waiting outside to go inside the hotel together. Well, he was exactly as I was expecting: mature, tall, big, not handsome from my perspective, so welcoming and friendly with his firm hand shake and big smile. We went inside together, like two old friends meeting for a coffee in the morning. He seemed very pleased to see me. I had no real clue about his boyfriend, waiting for us in the room: my guy had just mentioned me that he loves threesome but then most of the people they met lose interest for him and just want to make love with his boy. I didn’t ask any detail. When I enter the room the boyfriend was standing in his brief, watching the morning news, drinking some water. He was definitely younger, around my age, very tanned and definitely toned, half French half Italian. He was as polite and witty as my guy. We started chatting immediately about London, about what to see, about the morning news, in this totally unlikely setting with me, a bit embarrassed in my casual outfit watching somewhere between them, my guy, smiling in his well picked outfit staring at me, and the other guy, so self-confident staying half naked in the centre of the room.

The other guy went to the toilet and my man jumped on the bed, like a child, suggesting me to lay beside him. I did and we started kissing immediately. It is probably one of the most exciting thing of the threesome: starting making out with one guy, waiting for the other to come, watch, get aroused and joining. It happened in this way. We kissed each other in a beautiful and passionate way, undressing slowly, until I was naked. His boyfriend joined us on the bed and I kissed passionately both of them, playing with their body, letting them explore mine. The other guy had still his briefs on. When my guy went down on me, he stood up and got naked. I was pushing the head of my guy, who was so good at sucking, until I had this big, very big and very hard cock close to my mouth. I wanted to grab it, but didn’t want to stop touching my guy, so I started licking it until he pushed it deeper and deeper into my mouth. It was like heaven sucking it, caressing it with my tongue, it was more than 20cm attached to a beautiful body. We mutually sucked each other for such a long time: it was my guy stopping first and joining me sucking his partner’s cock, kissing me, letting me sucking it and finally joining me. The other stood up again and went to the bathroom. I laid upon my guy, sticking my cock between his legs and playing with his nipples. We were simulating an anal penetration when the other guy came back with lube, condoms and other stuff. He started rimming me, spitting in my hole and pushing his tongue inside it. It was amazing. My guy was smiling and asked me if I was willing to be fucked. I smiled back, I say I wanted, but that cock was probably too big for me. His boyfriend went to his stuff and wore a glove. I stopped immediately to kiss and move, worrying that he wanted to fist me. They really laughed and told me not worry, they wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t like. The other guy wanted to play with his finger, without getting dirt, preparing me to be penetrated by his huge cock.

I believe that most of the guys this nice couple met, they start making out in 3 and then just want the beautiful guy with the beautiful cock.

I never stopped arousing and satisfying my guy while the other was doing with my ass anything he wanted. I felt so strongly the need to be fucked by that perfect cock that I was willing to wait as long as it took.

Finally he started pushing it inside my ass, very slowly. When he was half inside, I asked him to be still and wait. I went on kissing my guy to relax more but it hurt me. I tried again, it hurt again. I tried harder, ignoring my moaning and went inside me as deep as he could. I felt like my mind exploding: his cock was so big that I felt like his cock was between my guy legs instead of mine. I tried to resist, but I came quickly. My mind was completely and helplessly excited. My guy felt my cum on his leg and kissed me gently, the other guy stopped fucking me. They stayed nice and polite and welcoming until the end, not asking me to make them come, kissing me goodbye and even saying to go visiting them in Paris.

We exchange some texts in the following days, building on things we had said before having sex. I would love to see them again, not just the other guy and not the other guy more than my guy.

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