Man #18, first time in the gym

Now, I have a few notes in my phone regarding the gym and I’ve been thinking if it is best to share them or pretend that nothing ever happened. I don’t suppose I have a particular good image to defend and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one, anyway I’ll not share any details to locate the gym for benefit of the people that still are having fun in that gym.

I used to train at least 3 times a week in that place, since it was right in front of my office, never crowded after work, nothing special, the changing room was ok, the showers were separated one from the other and there were a small sauna and a small steam room, right in front of the showers.

I think in these places you can come across strange experiences and situations, like people too shy to watch anything but their feet, people so cheeky to stretch and show their body in every direction and position, people so annoying to talk aloud about things you don’t want to know anything about, colleagues which can be shy and this is ok, or cheeky and this is embarrassing or want to talk about work and this is annoying.

And then you may meet people who watch you when anybody is watching, who stare at you when you two are alone and start feeling continuous itches around their nipples, or more likely under the towel.

The first guy I noticed with this attitude was someone I was not interested into (I admit that the first times I was never a first mover), but then I met a guy with a nice and fit body who couldn’t stop looking at me. I believe he was Japanese, no offense, but I’m so bad in defining some oriental guys, at least in a sauna.

We kept staring at me, I’d better say at my chest and towel even with other people around, and I felt a mix of strange emotions: at the beginning surprised, was this guy so bold to approach someone in a gym? Then obviously flattered and satisfied with my training, he was definitely nice. Finally shaken, did he want to make it in the gym, was it safe, and what if it was not, what did I want, was I willing to risk?

We were left alone, he didn’t wait a minute and put his hand under his towel, he couldn’t be more clear and more sure that I’m gay. I did more or less the same with my hand on the towel. He started moving his hand up and down and nodding with his head, like come on, show me your dick, come on, we can make it here. I started touching my cock to make it hard, he showed me his erection, I got excited immediately and showed mine. He was masturbating himself without any concern, just watching outside with the corner of his eye, I was just showing my body, but was still worried that someone could suddenly come inside.

He was in the part best hidden part of the sauna, where it is unlikely that someone can see you from outside and pointed his bench, inviting me to go besides him. I did. He grab my cock in his hand and started masturbating me, but I was not completely relaxed, what if…? Then I put my hand on his back, I went down, I touch his ass, he liked it, I went deeper with my fingers to touch his asshole, he liked it more. He did something I would have never expected, he stood, took off his towel and bent to show me his ass. I got what he wanted and couldn’t resist, even if it looked crazy. I started rimming him, right in the sauna, me on the bench and him standing, he was masturbating quickly, panting with pleasure. He had a perfectly smoothed ass and I played with my mouth as deeply as I could.

Then we heard someone in the changing room, it was just a noise of someone apparently approaching, but to me it was enough, I stopped myself and went back where I was seated. He wanted to play again, but then there were a few people undressing for the showers and I waited for my erection to stop before going outside.

Back home I finished what needed to be finished, standing in the bathroom, like a tribute to the experience.

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