Married Man #20, the conversation in the gym

For the first time I’m not following a chronological order – not that everyone cares – but yesterday I walked into a man I had some sex with, I was thrown back to strong emotions and I feel writing about him.

I used to meet him in the gym, he was a muscular man, training hard and often, much older than me: he was 47 as he told me after I blew him.

He was a lonely man, not getting along with anybody in the gym, and I never got him staring someone, so I had no idea if he was gay and honestly I didn’t care. One late evening I met him in the steaming room and well, I noticed that his body was amazing. Some white hair in the chest, but the chest itself, shoulders and legs were definitely sexy. 

When we were left the two of us, he started talking with me, teasing me about training and his being fitter than me. It was definitely true, but sounded also like a way of stimulating compliments. Could I be interested? I was and I started showing him my intentions, in the usual way that I learned in the gym. He smiled and told me not to waste my time with him, he was old, I could find better guys in the gym. I said you are nice. I showed him my dick, he showed me his and it was like, well, you may be old but you win in everything. A beautiful body, strong legs, a kind smile and a hard dick 20cm long. At least 20 cm.

I got closer to him, I looked quickly if there was someone outside, but the gym seemed almost empty, I grabbed his dick in my hand, I told him you watch outside, and started blowing him. It was so exciting I could probably go on until he came, but he stopped me. I thought someone was coming, but that was not the reason. He leant towards me and kissed me, with passion, grabbing my shoulders. It excites me so much kissing someone I’m blowing, I wanted to start again and he stopped me again. He told me you know how old I am, I’m 47, I said who cares, do you want to go on? he said he didn’t and we just waited to be less excited to go outside.

A couple of weeks later I was in the steam room again when he went inside with another man. They started talking like business man do in traditional saunas or like they did in the past (from what I know). They talked about clients and I got that we was a lawyer, than the other man asked him about his new house and I got that he was going to divorce and the wife was keeping the house. I felt slightly embarrassed, because my man was answering questions and I wondered if was willing to share private answers with someone who had blown and kissed him in the same place some days before. So after a while I knew that he was ending a long marriage, that he had a 20 years old daughter, that she lived in Paris, that she was involved in an incident and that now had a problem to her back, could be really worse, she had been lucky. He was proud of her beauty.

I wondered if I was one of first guys he was having sex experiences with, if had experiences in the past during his marriage, if ours was his first experience in a public place, if the age difference was the real issue. I would have loved to jump into their conversation and ask more interesting questions. Obviously I didn’t, but in the following days I noticed him greeting some guys and going regularly in the steam room after training.

Yesterday he seemed in good shape, fit, self-confident, I still felt some kind of attraction for him, I bet this has got to do with having something without having it till the end, and I wonder if he still remembers me and at which step I was in his going from being married to gay.


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