Man 69, the one for unpaired socks

Everything started with the best intentions in one of the celebration days of something.

I seldom participate, but I had just bought a pair of fancy unpaired socks on an Italian website and it was the Unpaired Socks day to celebrate diversity.

The pic on Instagram was quite a success, both for the purpose of the cause and for the style of the socks.

Among the many people commenting on it, the first one was a contact I never noticed. It was the first time we spoke. I had a quick look at his profile and noticed he was attractive. I replied smilingly and thanked him. After a while he replied back, but since I hadn’t asked anything it was more a conversation started.

We started conversing. It was all about the beauty of socks, how we both love them, particularly Italian brands. There was no allusion to anything, no pun intended. Until he said something you don’t really say in a plain conversation, which sounded like: well, one day you will lend them to me? Smile.

Before answering I went back to his profile and got a closer look at it: he was my age, deep blue eyes, largely celebrated in the pics, some shirtless shots during summer, some funny pics with girlfriends, many cultural interests, some pics with a guy who could be his boyfriend. He got many likes from a friend of mine, whom I had a story with years ago, who had a passion for blond or red hair guys, older than him, and who had some difficulty at coming.

I told him sure I will, would you like it? My feet are long, 46cm.

He said wow, mine are only 44cm, would they fit me?

I said, well, tomorrow I will wash them and then you should try

He said, don’t wash them.

I double tapped the message to give him a heart and then went back to his profile and placed hearts to many pics. He looked very good in the pics, kind and handsome, self-assured. 

He put some hearts in my pics too, some close-up, some pics of my running shoes, my naked feet at the beach in summer in Italy.

I replied, oh this is interesting, I will not wash them, how long can I wear them?

How long do you usually?

If I have a good reason, I can wear them as long as it takes.

Double tap, heart.

The conversation went on the whole day, then I went to bed and the morning after I read his latest reply when I was already sleeping. Everything was being said and not said in a light way, the conversation always on the subtle thread between politeness and teasing.

I woke up early to go running, wore my long technical socks, white and yellow with black heels and sent him a pic.

It was a good idea, which sparked the conversation again. He showed he loved details, the colors, the texture, the length. I was more than willing to give them. 

Are you wearing again the unpaired socks after the run, he asked

Yes, I promise I will and I will, I replied

This really strikes my imagination, he went on

What do you imagine, I asked

Smelling them, he confessed

You seem someone who dedicates time and passion to what he likes

I can do it for very long and you?

I want to relax and let you play with my feet as long as you want

In which way?

In your mouth, my fingers on your feet and then the foot inside your mouth

Double tap, heart. 

I can stay in this position for hours

Double tap, heart.

Don’t change your socks, will you do it for me?

I will not change them, I love playing with you.

Another day passed. It was Friday evening and my and my boyfriend went to our second house at the beach.

The morning after I found another message from him, asking my plans for the weekend. We discovered that we live nearby in our city, less than 1km away. Out of insecurity, I wondered if I had ever seen him on Grindr and if he had blocked me. We talked about the weekend, the limitations due to covid, we both missing cinemas and theatres, something about our jobs, joking that in the end we were just two standard guys living in the city which always talk about jobs. We also asked politely about our week ahead, which was a mix of working from home and from the office. On Tuesday both home, not a bad day.

We could meet for a coffee, some of us proposed.

Sure, let’s see how Tuesday goes and we will agree on a place.

I sent him a pic after my yoga session, because he had asked to see the back of my feet.

You must be very agile, he noticed

My feet can do so many things.

I felt provoking and numb at the same time.

So you can grab my nose with your fingers?

More provoking than numb, it appeared.

I can, you want?

I want the smell, all of it.

On Sunday evening we were driving home and I noticed a message from Instagram.

How are you, are you home? 

It seemed something tender, which flattered me. I decided to wait and reply once I was home. When I checked Instagram again a couple of hours later, the message was gone. He had changed his mind, probably thinking that it was too tender. But I liked that message so much that I decided to answer anyway.

My phone has gone crazy or you had texted me a couple of hours ago? I was driving.

Smile, yes I did

I am home, safe and sound.

Double tap, heart.

Were you driving with the same shoes?

Yes, a promise is a promise

Double tap, heart

And which shoes?

The one I use for work, black shoes, up to the ankle

I like them, will you wear those tomorrow and on Tuesday

If you ask me to, I will

Do it, same shoes, same socks, keep your smell as long as you can

I will keep them till Tuesday, this is the longest I have ever wore socks


Have a good night

You too

Double tap, heart

Double tap, heart.

The morning passed with fewer messages compared to the previous days, we just both checked that we were engaged in the conversation. Before sleeping we messaged again, talking about places.

Do you have any proposals for tomorrow?

Not really and you?

Let me check. Do you prefer close to you where you live?

Not necessarily. I like the idea of us walking, particularly you, so your feet will be sweaty.

I will walk, same shoes and socks since Thursday.

On Tuesday morning the conversation started immediately. I proposed a patisserie close to the underground station. Or a place closer to where he lived. I wanted to take the door ajar for sex. He said it was a place for cocktails only, so proposed a couple of places I didn’t know. I said that I love to try something new, I am always open to exploration. Double tap, heart. I told me the places were small, not ideally for having conversations other people aren’t supposed to listen. 

Honestly, I am shy. I will probably think about one thing only, but talk about something else entirely, I confess

I will try to look at your eyes and never look at your feet


I will redden out of excitement 

So I will talk to you and I will stretch my legs and move my fingers in my shoes next to you

Please don’t do it or I will get crazy

And then?

Then I will say something that I don’t want other people to overhear 

So I will say in your ear that I am wearing the same socks for 5 days and my feet are smelly.

Will you really do it for me?

Let’s wait and see.

Then we met at noon, in one of the small places he had proposed. I arrived first. We met outside, it was really cold, windy, he was as handsome as I had imagined. He told me to go inside, where the tables were big and I could put my feet hidden under the table. Good, I thought, he is not withdrawing.

We had one of those conversations you have with people you resonate with immediately. No moments of silence. A flow of ideas, images, shared passions, shared experiences, questions were answered and fueled the conversation on and on. At a point he said something about the place where I was born. Have we spoken about it? Or had he checked my profiles so thoroughly that I got this information for certain? I stretched my feet, honestly just because I am tall and not really for provoking him. But then I noticed that when I was not looking him in his eyes, he looked at my feet. So I started looking around at the place, so let him watch my shoes and catch his gaze when coming up to my face. He was the one who proposed to pay and go outside, he paid the bill, we went to the street.

What are you doing now, he asked

Well, I will have lunch and then I am supposed to attend to a call. And you?

I am free for a couple of hours, then I have to work, then I am free again

Ok, so I will text you after my call.

To say what? I was not able to say it aloud.

Yes, if you are free you can come and visit me.

Oh yes, I will. Do you live far from here?

Just 7 minutes away. You can come and visit me.

Look at my phone, see? I am free later.

So you can come and visit me.

A pause. 

I have said three times that you can come and visit me, now you should say something.

I looked away. I was thrilled, shy, excited, embarrassed, horny, guilty, engaged, afraid.

I want to say something to you, I stuttered

Tell me

It may appear stupid, I don’t know

Just tell me

It is that I want to be clear to you


I don’t want to say things after, you deserve to know before

Just say it

I am engaged

I know. I got it from your profile


Me too.

Oh, I saw some pics on your IG, but I wasn’t sure. So I want to come and visit you


You know? I cannot think about anything else

What are you thinking about?

I am thinking about my feet and the way you look at them

Can I look at them?

I have been wearing the same socks since Thursday. You wanna smell them?

Yes, please

I am horny. And my feet are freezing now.

Oh no, they shall not freeze, I want to keep them warm

I am hard now. Can we go to yours?

Don’t you have a call?

I will cancel it. How far are you?

6 minutes. Come with me

We walked side by side in a state of blessed excitement. The place seemed to me less than 1 minute away, my mind was completely absorbed in the attraction I felt in my body and in his body.

He saw me inside his house. I asked if I had to leave my shoes outside. It was probably the less polite thing I said and did in his house. He told me not, you will freeze, just come on the sofa.

I sat on the sofa and he laid on the carpet watching me.

I pulled off my shoes and finally showed him my socks. He breathed heavily. I put my feet on his feet, one after the one, one at the time, then both, then again one. He kept caressing and smelling. I finally pulled them one, put one on jeans, where I could see his hard cock and one on his face. Then I started playing with my fingers. I grabbed his nose, I followed the line of his lips, he licked each finger and the space between, he was tasting them, I let him wet my whole foot, from fingers to heel, then I put my feet into his mouth, one at the time, then both together. By this time we had managed to get free of your trousers and we were masturbating ourselves. He watched my cock while keeping my feet so close to him in a mix of breathing and suffocating. He pulled up his t-shirt and showed me his nipples. I played with them with one foot, then used the same foot to masturbate him, to touch his balls, his asshole. This is when the yoga agility came in my help, since the other foot was still in his mouth. Briefly I also licked the tip of his cock, he let me do it without stopping jerking off, so I got this was not what he really wanted. I put again both my feet into his mouth and told him I could come whenever he wanted. He told me he wanted to see my sperm. I came feeling his tongue between my fingers, covering my white working shirt with semen. He came right after, very abundantly, grabbing my feet.

I hadn’t really canceled the call, so I was late by then. I quickly cleaned my hands, he did the same. We laughed. I would have kissed for the attraction I felt, but it seemed inappropriate.

I ran back to my place, where I joined the call 30 minutes late, and I had to keep my shirt with the smell of sex for a couple of hours. I enjoyed it.

I texted him again.

I still have my shirt on, and my socks.

I have the smell of your feet on my face and my beard and I wanna keep it.

I wanna do it again.

I wanna do it again.

Double tap, hearts.

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