Man #63, the lover at the mirror

One way or another, he is probably the man I fucked more times with outside of a relationship.

Honestly, I would have never expected this and most significantly I still wonder why exactly it happens since I don’t really like him.

First reason that comes to my mind is that he is always available and when I am super horny and just want to have sex, he is green on grindr and says yes, come, how long will it take you? He is a nurse, he has shifts, so I may find him free during the day or in the evening or very late in the evening. Most of the time we meet when I am coming home late, before going to bed, when he is home, alone, watching TV, willing to be fucked. He just need time to get ready, since he wants to be perfectly clean, and as far as I remember he has never said no to me. I come to his place and we have sex always in the same way.

Second reason is that the way we have sex together is so exciting that I don’t care if I am really attracted by him or not. It is simply not the point. I am utterly and completely attracted by the way he gives his body to my pleasure. He leaves the door open, I enter into the small apartment and get undressed in the small space between the kitchen and the bedroom. I enter barefoot and naked into the bedroom and I just leave my glasses on a shelf. The TV is always on, usually with some comic show or music videos. He is already naked, lying on his belly, showing his well shaped ass, with the tattoo of a turtle on his dark skin. He has already next to him some lube, condom and his phone open on grindr app. I climb onto the bed and lay my body completely on him, moving my dick between his buttocks until it gets hard so that he can grab it and start pushing it against his hole. I don’t need any help to get fully excited. We seldom lick or suck, almost never kiss. Sometimes he may suck my cock immediately before putting a condom on my boner, not to give me a real blowjob but just to make my cock wet: he is very able with condoms, he does all the process by himself even without turning his head, just feeling my body with his hands. I slap his ass from behind, I can push my cock as hard as I want, it is a pleasure for him, he asks for more and stronger. I always come inside: most of the times he comes while I fuck him and let me finish, otherwise he just let me go, doesn’t ask for anything more.

The only deviations we had from our well settled routine: two times I entered into his apartment and found him having sex with someone else. He didn’t even tell me that I would have found a third guy, he just felt obvious that it was exciting to me. He is totally right. The first time the guy, Italian, older than me, not particularly attractive but with an amazing dick, was already fucking him. I got undressed, rubbed my cock to get a boner and entered into the bedroom. My lover told the guy to stop and let me fuck his ass. I did so. The other guy proved to be very passionate, he started kissing me deeply, licked my ears, played with my nipples and finally got his fingers into my asshole. I felt so engaged that I let him enter into me and fuck me. He was even more excited than me and couldn’t help coming almost immediately in my body. I fucked my friend as always. The second time was similar, but when I arrived my friend was sucking this other guy, around my age, not attractive at all, who was standing on the bed. I didn’t feel like engaging with him and so we kept my friend in the middle and each one came in a different way: in the ass, in the mouth, in the hand.

I still haven’t mention the reason of the title of this tale. More and beyond the devotion of my friend, what turns me and keeps me attached in out casual relationship, is the very big, full wall mirror, he has next to the bed. When we fuck, we cannot stop watching it, at the way our bodies move, at my pushing deep inside of him, and we talk about what we see and get even more aroused. We exchange eye contact mainly through the mirror, as we come almost at the same time.

I cannot really count how many times we had sex this way. I often think this is the last time, but then when he text me so late in the evening that he is naked, ready, that he wants me, I don’t want to say no. Everything is like a ritual which is at the same time arousing and reassuring. I know that when I enter into his building, there are chef assistants from the Chinese restaurant smoking in the backyard, or just talking in a pause or simply doing nothing while a smell of oriental food fill the air; I know that I have to take the lift which doesn’t stop at his floor but I have to go up and then walk down half floor of stairs; I know that I will find an open door, a small and packed apartment, the light only of a TV screen, a body naked on the bed, an ass with a tattoo clean and ready, a condom, a tube of lube, a big mirror to admire our anonymous pleasure.

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