Man #52, when I was bottom with an XL man

One of the most gorgeous day of the year: when clouds are all elsewhere and a couple of thin ones are left behind to dot a perfectly blue sky, when the air is so warm than there is no other option but t-shirt, when everybody who is not drinking something is eating ice-cream. And this day was some weeks ago in Paris. I spent it outside as long as I could, until I decided to go to IDM sauna. I couldn’t say I like this sauna (been there twice), I find it a bit confusing, with many guys with an attitude and without places where some group actions start and then everybody gets horny.

I was rather lucky since presently I noticed a guy, about my age, as tall as me, dark hair and a very well-build body staring at me while going around. I was standing in a corridor, like most tops do (or at least this is my understanding), willing to be sucked in public, when this guy walked in front of me and then turned his head back before going around the corner. Was he shy or did he prefer to be chased? I have no problems in both cases so I decided to chase the shy guy. He went upstairs where there are mainly cabins in a dark area and he leaned there, waiting. I approached him touching his nipples and he reciprocated. We started licking our neck, ears, nipples: he didn’t want to kiss. We groped each other’s cock: mine was hard, his was not. He went down on me and started sucking, slow and deep. Another guy arrived upstairs, watched us for a while and then tried to suck my partner while he was kneeling. It was very exciting, the kind of situation I want in a sauna, but my man could not get excited yet and so the other guy stopped and tried to suck me. My partner wanted my cock all for himself. That really got me completely horny, so I told him to stop, but he wanted to swallow my cum. I came into his mouth: being sucked and watched at the same time drives me crazy. My partner swallowed it until the last drop and went on sucking until I was completely dry. Then he stood up, now with his cock hard, and started masturbating. I didn’t feel like watching or helping him, there were other guys around, so I went 2 floors downstairs to take a shower and then relax in the sauna before going out. This was my plan until something unexpected happened.

We are the four of us in the sauna. Me, an old man very active, a young bear doing nothing and a man completely stretched on the top bench. After a while we were just me and the stretched man. I started looking at him, who was very thin, with beautiful feet and sexy hair around his cock, which I couldn’t see from my position. I decided to have a better look at his body, so I moved closer, in the bench below. He smiled gently, changed slowly position so I could see his beautiful and long cock. I stared at him intensely. I wasn’t thinking about having sex, but I also wanted to provoke his erection.

I believe I became quite aggressive in my staring, as in the end he said something in French, something I couldn’t get. I asked in English to reply and he told me that English is a difficult language to him, so he tried again and it came out like “strange when there is sun to go to sauna”. He asked me where I was from, what I was doing in Paris, the easy questions he could say. I really wanted to get him horny and he knew that. With a quick and unexpected movement, he jumped from his bench and came right behind me. He said don’t move. Then he started massaging me, my shoulders, my neck, my arms. He wasn’t that good, but it was pleasant. I close my eyes and started relaxing completely. I leaned back and felt his cock against my shoulder. He seemed almost embarrassed, because he stopped massaging me and stayed still for some seconds before starting again, this time kissing my body at the same time. I half turned myself and started kiss him back, first his body and then his mouth, which again seemed to slightly embarrass him. Still with my eyes closed I kissed his cock and then got it in my mouth. It was so big I couldn’t believe it. I really don’t know how much time I spent sucking it: I didn’t feel the heat of the sauna, I just felt his taste and his hard boner that filled me completely. I sucked it slowly, very slowly, with passion and devotion. I put my arms around his body, to be balanced in my position in the lower bench and also to have him inside of me as much as I could. He didn’t do anything for a while, then he opened my towel and played with my cock, caressing and masturbating me, then with my ass, caressing and fingering me. I was surprised by my full hard erection: it must have passed no more than 10 minutes for my orgasm.

Sometimes I felt that other people were around us, mainly touching me and wanting to suck me. I was open to everything, but he pushed them away, he didn’t want anybody between us. Whenever I stopped, he kissed me and then I started over. When I finally opened my eyes there were 5 or 6 people around us, all excited. He asked me if I wanted to go elsewhere, touching my ass. I opened my legs and said yes.

We stood up and he saw me outside, when I really noticed him for the first time. I didn’t like him. I didn’t like him at all. He was older than I thought, very short, too thin, unattractive to me. I wouldn’t have approached him in any other situation, even in the sauna. While he was walking in front of me, I kept thinking if I could simply go away, but then it seemed so bad, so not something I would do. When we arrived upstairs looking for a room, I kept hoping that all of them were full and so it would have been less rude to change idea. He found a room, went inside and laid down. I entered more for my politeness and for real excitement. I decided to go on from where I had stopped, sucking his big cock. Then I decided to get rimmed and put my ass on his face, I wanted to be aggressive and decide everything. He did it with passion. I moved forward so that I had his cock into my mouth and his tongue into my ass. I decided to get fucked. He showed me where I could get a condom and lube. I was completely wet but I needed as much lube as I could. I put the condom on his cock and only half of it got covered. I swear, the condom couldn’t fit all his cock. I knelt on top of him and I tried at least four times to get penetrated, but it hurt. I needed to relax and he was good at that, since he seemed happy anyway, not asking, not pushing, just touching my body. Finally, I got it inside my ass as much as I could, honestly not that much, and started moving. At this point I felt electric in my excitement, I started masturbating and I came almost immediately while he was moving inside me. I really didn’t expect to come at all, but my second orgasm was far bigger and better than the first. I put his cock off my ass quickly, because it was hurting again: I still remember that the condom was just on the top of it, I have never seen anything like that.

I left him there, smiling at me, with his arms under his neck and his huge cock still hard. At that point I needed to go away immediately because a sense of self-consciousness was mixing with the sense of pleasure and I couldn’t stand the situation any longer.

For some times after that day, I was willing to be bottom, before coming back to my usual tastes.

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