Man #46, the rich, posh, refined, reckless and ugly one

It was Christmas time. It was a reasonable warm day, , I was out doing my shopping, enjoying cycling throughout the city. I was in the mood for sex, in that happy atmosphere of pre-holidays, gift giving and family entertainment.

Anyway I found it difficult to meet someone in the shopping areas, some guys seemed nearby and then far away all of a sudden, others were wandering like me and far from where they live. I was afraid of running out of charge, so I decided to check my favs: one of them online and not far, and even if I didn’t have anymore our previous conversation and his profile pic was not clear, anyway I decided to get in touch again.

He said he was home and free, just relaxing, waiting for a Christmas dinner with colleagues. He was horny and sent immediately some pics: only a few closed-up of his body, which seemed toned and a rather blurred face pic. Something seemed not quite right, but he was already in my favs, he was horny, he had a place, it was enough to put my doubts aside.

I parked my bike in front of a beautiful building date back from the beginning of the century. I texted him and he gave me a code to buzz, apparently he couldn’t open otherwise. While I was checking, a stunning family went inside the building just before me. They were the family on the cover of a Christmas magazine. A glossy one. The mother was tall, blonde, charming, smiling, full of gifts, sweet and self-confident. The two little girls were likewise tall, blonde, with fancy hats, gloves and Christmas socks, sweet and cheerful. They hold the door for me, all smiling, obviously. They spoke a foreign language. We took the lift all together. If I hadn’t been headed to have sex with a man I didn’t know, I would probably have socialized with the family and taken a picture together in the lift: it was one of those lifts from another era, with soft seats on the sides, red pillows, a big mirror in front of the door and the chance to start the lift with a key (not in use anymore though). We pressed the button for the same floor, which embarrassed me a little. We arrived. Even if it all happened 2 or 3 years ago, I still have the image clear in my mind and the sensation neat in my body. I let the family going out before me to get rid of them, but in the hallway two doors were opened, on the left the father was waiting for them, obviously a nice man, smiling at his daughters: he looked at me as if wondering if I was an unexpected guest. On the right my man was waiting for me, he was surprised to see his neighbors, they had to greet and to wish something about Christmas with me standing between them, noticing that my fav was older than I thought, not toned as I hoped, and definitely uglier than I could imagine.

I couldn’t spoil the moment just turning around and going away without saying anything: it was a mix of shame, social pressure and sense of dignity that drove me into his house without looking back.

The house was amazing. I would probably never spend all that money in furnishing my home, but if I ever did, this house would probably be my ideal one. Apart from the Christmas decorations that created a magic atmosphere, everything witnessed a great taste: I remember a coffee table and two chairs that seemed just out of an impressionist painting. I stayed still, not knowing what to do, while my fav walked into another room and told me to follow. I did. He was kneeling on a carpet, in front of a huge screen covering half of the wall where two guys were fucking hard. I hesitated and then couldn’t resist the context. I unbuttoned my jeans and put my cock into his mouth: it was limp, I wasn’t excited at all. He started blowing me, placing my hands on his head. I progressively got excited, not looking down at him, but looking where I was, captured by the beauty and by the two guys now having oral sex on the screen, just like us. He stopped briefly to ask me if I wanted to fuck him, I said no and slapped my cock on his mouth a couple of times, like on the screen. He gave a great blowjob, without stopping anymore, going as deep as he could, obeying to my rhythm. I came into his mouth. He went to the bathroom and told me to follow, but I preferred to wait and stay alone, I felt uncomfortable in having body contacts.

He asked me if I wanted to stay, he had some time, he proposed to offer me something to drink and then give me pleasure again, maybe watching a porn together.

I simply couldn’t. I tried to be polite in going away, I didn’t want to communicate my discomfort, which seemed unjust compared to where I was. I’m sure I was not good at pretending, I basically never looked at him in his eyes. I was out as quick as I could.

I took again the lift, alone, noticing all the details. I went outside and even before unlocking my bicycle I blocked him on grindr.

If I hadn’t met the perfect family, I would not have enter into his flat. If the house hadn’t been so beautiful for having sex, I would not have unbuttoned my jeans. But then I wonder, if I had had a better idea of what he really looked like, would I have dumped him on the chat or would I have decided to go anyway? Without all the disappointment, would I have fucked him in the beautiful bedroom, between the Christmas decoration and the porn movie?

I bet I would have enjoyed it.

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