Man #31, the one who wanted to be blindfold

I believe I don’t have any particular fetishism or perversion (not judging) or even strong fantasies that I need to live. At the same time I’m very curious about other people fantasies and I’m ready to experiment them, just to understand what it is like, the pleasure I get and the other person get, can it become something that I do and even propose?

So far I’ve experimented different ways of making sex, but still none of them have changed my way of doing it.

I was more or less in contact with one guy who lived in my journey from the sport training to home. Like many other guys, he seemed to deleted the chronology on Grindr every day, because each time our conversation started back from the beginning, same pics, same sexual roles (he was only passive), some promise to organize one day, but not now, it was too late.

One night I had to make a detour a little from my usual journey and we ended up being very close. I started the conversation like we never did before, I send him a pic immediately and said that I was free in that moment, I just had to pull over and I could go to him.

What do you like, he asked. I guess this is one of the most common questions on such an app, but I find it difficult or sometimes annoying to answer: the trust is that I like sex, I like attraction, I like desire, I like a beautiful body, I like being naked, I like orgasm, I don’t like anything that I need to trade/discuss in advance and I’m particularly interested in defining what to do a couple of minutes before doing it.

What do you like, I asked back. He had something in mind, he wanted to give me a blowjob blindfold.

Have I ever done it? Was I interested? Could we do it?

No, why not, let’s try.

So I texted him that I was under his flat, he opened the door and told me the floor, but I got it wrong, so I took the lift and went to the forth instead of the third, wandered for some time, but all the doors were closed and no noise. Ok, wrong floor, let’s try the third.

I saw an open door, I knocked imperceptibly and went inside. The apartment was half dark, just a small lamp near a sofa in next room, a voice told me to close the door with the key. I closed the door.

I went into the other room and the guy was kneeling, in briefs, with a little bottle of popper close to him and already blindfold. I looked at him, at the scene, millions of thoughts crossed my mind: leaving the door open in the middle of the night without checking who was coming, me going to the wrong floor and him patiently kneeling in his flat, the fact that he had no idea what I looked like and honestly I could be sure that I liked him, his being completely at my mercy, waiting for my actions and my sex.

I stood in front of him, he didn’t move, I unbuttoned my jeans and rubbed my cock to a semi-erection, he was waiting, I lowered my brief around my knees and put my cock on his mouth. He opened it and started blowing. It was so good. It was a single session, he never stopped blowing, sometimes he licked my balls, or my cock, but really never stopped and got more pleasure when I pushed it harder grabbing his head. I came into his mouth. I came till the end.

Then he took some napkins that he had between his legs and spit.

I put my briefs on, buttoned back my jeans and he unleashed the fabric around his eyes. I was surprised, I was ready to go away without seeing his face, it seemed to me “normal” at that moment, instead still kneeling he looked in my eyes, smiled and told me it had been really good. He seemed to me less attractive than in picture, simply a bit older, and I told him that I had gone to the wrong floor and he laughed.

Later in the night he texted me that he would have liked to do it again.

Months later he contacted me on Grindr and started the conversation again like as we never met.

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