Man #25, the one who stared and smiled in the sauna

I don’t exactly remember anything of that day, what was I doing, which day it was, who else I saw and/or approached, but when I read the note in my iPhone, “polish guy staring and smiling”, I see clearly the scene, the sauna, the cabin, the penetration.

Probably it is because I’m a foreigner in London, but I cannot help asking people where they are from, and in the end the answers come so useful in writing these posts.


Right in the scene, starting from where I can honestly remember.

I’m in a cabin of Sweatbox, one with a mattress very high from the floor, that kind is perfect for oral play in my mind. I’m with a rather nice guy, rather tall, rather toned, he has something that gets my attention, sexually and not only. He has long curly hair (which I don’t particularly like) in a ponytail, some freckles and I cannot understand what he likes. I do all the action, I kiss him and he kisses me back, I masturbate him and he reciprocates, I stop and he stops. I feel his eyes on me, I don’t want to exaggerate, but it is the kind of look that could give you an affectionate lover: it is both sweet and intense. When I stare him back, he smiles and caress me. I feel that if I just lean on the wall and start masturbating myself or fingering my ass, he would be excited just to watch me coming.

I ask him what he likes and he simply shrugs. And what do you like, he ask me with a bad english, so I kiss him as long as I like, then I sit on the mattress and he sits besides me. We are both tall, so it is not easy to have sex over there. We cross our legs and he just smiles while I play with my left hand with his boner and my middle finger with his ass. He stares, he smiles, he makes me horny to kiss him again. We get closer, we cross our legs tighter, I feel his cock against my balls. I have not been fucked in a long time, I wanna feel it again.

I start playing with his dick on my hole, I need to get wet and he is not really helping, he cannot really get his eyes off of me. I almost wanted to laugh and say “come on man, show me how much you wanted it, you can look at me later”; I’m not annoyed, it is gratifying in its own way. He puts on a condom and penetrates me slowly, very slowly. I try to relax, I would like it to be both slower or faster, it hurts a bit, but it has to.

He says he doesn’t want to do me harm, is he the closest thing to a charming prince you can find in a gay sauna?

I move my body with his cock inside me and then I remember we both sweating more and more, the place hot and low, beating with our elbows and shoulders against the wall, until I get that he will not come this way. I stop, he smiles, I get his dock out of me, slowly, very slowly, I notice the condom is a bit dirty, I smell it, and it is always such a bad sensation for me. He reassures me, but then I don’t feel to go on, I ask him if he prefers to go out, he says he likes to stay there with me, so we stay for a while, some kissing, some caressing.

When I go out he is still there, with an half-boner and his ponytail.

My note says that later someone sucked me out but I had no interest and so no memory of that guy.

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