Man #2, at theatre

He was one of the first guys I started chatting with. I got curious for his mix of “I look for sex” and “I do not look for sex”, “I’m refined” and “I’m like everybody else”. He liked to talk a lot, to swap many pictures, to ask questions. He was definitely open, sending me the link to his website, talking about his friends. I got the impressions that he was having an affair with an Italian boy, but it was probably more a cultural affinity than an engagement. He had a deep knowledge about music and one night he invited me to go to the theatre, offering a spare ticket for an expensive seat. The concert was amazing, I felt thrilled. He had to go away during the second act, which was a bit weird. We met at the end of the show, talked a little, then he went home by cab. It was cold and windy, I started walking, chatting with him, teasing him. Finally he asked “so, what do you want to do?” and I said “I wanna come to you and have sex”. He sent me the location, a very posh area. I spent some time watching inside the houses before calling him. I went upstairs. His apartment was new, he was still moving from another flat, beautiful like the cover of a magazine. Velvet, pieces of art, big elements of design; the selection of book on the contrary was disappointing. We talked, he said that he didn’t like casual sex, he was stopping me and provoking me at the same time. I felt completely at ease in that beautiful place, I didn’t want to go outside in the wind. I dare to say that I wanted to kiss him and we did. He was not very passionate, a bit uptight. We went to the bedroom, everything was clean and stylish. We were naked, he was a hairy man, but completely trimmed, also around his cock. Before blowing me he watched attentively my cock and decided not to do it. I felt embarrassed, I could not be as clean as after a shower, we had spent the whole evening out. I got the impression that he was kind of obsessed with cleanness, aseptic. He was a middle-eastern grown up in US: definitely more American than middle-eastern in his attitude. He laid down, I laid over him and he put my cock between his legs and started rubbing it. I watched the movement in the big mirror near the bed and got horny. We moved like fucking, sweating, both hard. It was like sex for adolescents who do not dare to penetrate, but it was my first time in that position and I came on his legs. We talked again about music, he gave me suggestions and other tickets. He made me feel wanted and distant at the same time. Once outside I wondered why he didn’t want to suck me, but then I ended in a monumental street, felt so lucky to be in that place and decided not to worry about it. The day after I bought online a body trimmer.

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