Man #19, in the steam room again

Once you have done something tricky, it becomes so easy to do it again. And again.

After I had my first sex thing in the gym, I started taking my time to linger in the sauna: from one side it was the itch to meet someone again, from the other the curiosity to spot some action and the guys who were willing to try.

I distinctly remember 3 scenes, which happened in the same week, I do not even need to check my notes, these are perfectly impressed in my mind.

Scene 1: a very handsome, very toned, very masculine French guy, in his late 30s, covered with a short and slim towel, the ones that you have to hold with your fingers, because it can’t reach both the hips. He was seated in the middle of the sauna, with the legs crossed, basically naked, with the towel absent-mindedly over his dick and one leg. He spent about 15 minutes stretching his smooth body, first the arms, then shoulders, then legs, torso, feet. In every change of moves he showed part of his body, with cockiness. He also said something to me, I was right besides him, commenting the pleasure of relaxing after training. There was another guy who had been staring at him the whole time. When the sexy one went one, the guy smiled, I smiled back. Then he asked me, do you think he is gay, I cannot decide.  Honestly, I thought I was watching the sexy guy discretly, but I must have been staring at him as much as the other guy, considering the question.

Apparently it was an usual scene that you could watch free once a week, you just need to know the schedule. I really do not know if he was simply at ease with his body and careless, if he was straight and flattered by some male voyeurism, or if he was gay and probably an escort. I would bet 2 pence on the second choice. May it be that some straight guy come willingly to play with the cruising gays out of narcissism? So some action in the sauna can be a benefit non only for trianing homos.


Scene 2: a very nice guy beside me, again. This time younger than me, dark hair, hairy chest, hairy legs. He seemed very friendly and started talking with me immediately, about the temperature of the sauna, the gym and some similar ice breaker. It came out that we were colleagues, different floors, different jobs. He was very physical in his way of approaching me and I felt intrigued and aroused by his body. He asked my name, shook my hand, told me to stay in touch. The day after he sent me an email at work and I could easily start daydreaming about him: first he showed interested and initiative, then I was not sure of his name, while I’m the only one with my name in my company, so he must have looked for me in the agenda. We teased each other for a while, then he added two girls in the email, saying that they were going out that night, asking me to join them in one of their crazy nights out when we will be probably end dancing naked on a table. He said naked in the email, I may be dumb, but he seemed flirty and in my mind he was definitely flirting with me. He was Brit and from my experience in London Brit guys break the ice with a stranger only under 3 circumstances: when drinking is involved, when you can comment or better complain about something else, or when they have a strong motivation. The third scenario is the weakest and often it requires drinking to happen.

Unfortunately right before the meeting one of the girls had a problem, they decided to reschedule, and it never happened, at least with me. I also never met him in the sauna again. Being a colleague I decided not to email him but to wait for a casual bump in the lift, but this was an unsuccesful strategy.


Scene 3: I was in the steam room, alone. Another guy entered and decided to sit right in front of me. The rest of the room was empty. Ok. It was rather late in the evening, nodoby in the dressing room, as much as I could hear. Ok. I was sure he wanted to play with me. I felt very relaxed and chilled and I spent some time wondering if it was best to keep relaxing or getting excited wth him. I don’t know why, but almost ever I pick excitement over anything else. I would not describe it again, the scene is always the same: mutual staring, moving your body, touching it a bit, then touching your cock or balls as men always do, but just longer, then rubbing it, then one of the two get naked, showing the erection. This guy was handsome, in every part of his body. He stood up, moved towards me and put a leg on my bench. He was very determined. He wanted to masturbate himself and come on me. I could not resist and started blowing him. He took my head and moaned deeply in pleasure. He was so excited and when he said, you are so good, I wanted it more and more in my mouth. He told me he was coming, rather quickly, I stopped just in time to watch him come on my chest and legs. Wow. We used the water to clean as much as we could (I can guarantee it was clean and we were the latest people in the gym), then he went to the shower. I waited a couple of minutes and went out.

Never met him again and I would not be able to recognize him, which is definitely a pity.

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