Man #17, the passionate and noisy kisser

I was intrigued from his headline on Grindr, where he said that loved good food, good coffee and that people from my country could skip the line. I felt flattered, culturally flattered, and decided to get in touch. He had a nice smile, was taller than me, liked foreplay, overall it seemed worth to try. We chatted a few times, were about to organize but then he went far far away and could not reply for days. One day he deleted his profile, I thought meh, pity, until he contacted me again through another profile, same description, different photo.

Sometimes I ask to myself what’s the point in changing the profile on Grindr: is it because you messed too much and prefer to make lose your tracks, or you had some technical issue with the app, which is so likely, and you need to start over, or you had this new year’s resolution to stop wasting time with casual sex, but than the rest of the year is long and life is too short to give up the fun?

Anyway, we finally met at my home. He was very talkative and friendly, from German as far as I remember, overall a nice and attractive guy. Anyway I also remember him as a noisy guy, which made him a little less sexy: he really talked a lot, with a constant unjustified high pitch and he had these heels that made him noisy even when he walked.

He was a steward for an international airline company, so he could only meet between flights. I fly very often and I’m always scared of it, but I only mentioned the former.

Smiling he came towards me and kissed me against the sink of the kitchen. That was so good. I believe that we stayed there like 15 minutes just kissing and holding each other tight: probably it was less, but I still remember it as a good feeling that lasted.

We took our time before he asked me where we could go and have sex, I told that the bedroom was downstairs and he got undressed, shirt and trousers on the chair, shoes under it. Very neat, I thought. I have this image of the two of us going downstairs barefoot and naked with our erections.

We took our time also in making love, mutual oral play, kissing and licking all the body, included feet: I cannot remember if he asked me to put my feet on his chest and touch his nipples or if he asked me to suck his toe. Anyway he asked things, which I don’t mind at all, but the pitch was still a bit too high for sexual arousal. We both wanted to fuck and as a good guest I let him fuck me first. He liked it with me on top, so we could go on and kiss again.

He fucked me a long time, until we both started sweating and I asked him to stop. When he got his cock out of my ass, the condom was slightly dirty. I know it happens and he didn’t seem bothered, but nonetheless it embarasses me and makes me feel uneasy. So I didn’t feel like fucking him and prefer to make him with my mouth. He did the same.

Afterwards he had a shower and went upstairs to got dressed. Very neat again.

He texted me the following day saying that the sex was so good and we should probably do it again. I agreed but also thought, please speak less or speak lower. Then he deleted the profile again, just to create a the new one, with the same description.

If I should meet him on a flight, I would probably ask him why I does so and then where we can go for a long and good kiss.

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