Man #16, the theatre lover again

I had to admit that the guy I met at Theatre had something special in him. Possibly because he was very refined and could talk about anything, possibly because he was surrounded by beautiful things – which in a way made him more beautiful – or finally because I was not complitely satisfied by our previous encounter and I still had a itch.

Longing something makes you changing your bus, walking across a random street, waiting for another bus, taking it, walking again under an annoying drizzle, and finally sitting on his sofa, listening to some music.

That’s what I did at the end of a day, after an evening out with all my colleagues, with a fundraising auction, free drinks, a karaoke and finally some dance. I was so surprised that some guys and girls seemed suddenly so friendly, wanted to take pics together, dancing side by side. I’m used to be friendly with the people I like whenever and wherever, so it always surprises me this way of behaving in London: it happens out of blue and usually doesn’t last for long.

Anyway it made me feel good, more self confident, more in tune with the city, the kind of moment when you say “ok, I like my life” and it is so worth noticing it.

Enthusiastically I decided to have a try with the theatre man, who was still in my mind, he said yes. While I was on the bus, he had told me why the other time he didn’t want to blow me: I had some smegma, just a little bit, but it had never happened to me so I hadn’t notice. I google it to understand why it happened, how to get rid of it or better how to prevent it, so I simply started eating more heathly for a while (vegetables, low fat) and it was ok.

We were on the big sofa and he simply asked do you want to kiss me and it was what I wanted and we did, it was nice but too cold for me. Do you want to go to the bedroom and it was what I wanted and it was very good. He laid down, put a pillow under his back, open his legs. His way of behaving was kind of mechanic – or American? – but it was exactly what I longed, make him feel my dick and using his body to come. I started playing with his ass, he wanted it so bad that grabbed my cock, put inside him bareback and started moving. He was completely wet, I simply had to push but not too much because he was making the most of it. I was fucking and I felt used, it was exciting. As the professionist of sex that he was, he stopped at the right moment, wanked me and I came on the towel. I felt as everything was so organized that couldn’t be but good, but so organized that couldn’t be really great.

Before going away he offered me a slice of home baked plumcake, it was still raining outside, the kitchen was the definition of cozyness, the dessert was still warm, he gave me the recipe, some easy talking, a kiss, it was spontaneous, a bit precious. I remember the cake as well as the sex, they both made me happy and sleep like a child afterwards.

The day after I arrived late at work, but almost everybody did and we all blamed the night out together.

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