Guy #23, the most beautiful and flawed one

Another Sunday afternoon at Sweatbox after gym. How quickly something that scared me so much can become an habit. I read that people are willing to change a behaviour provided that they have an incentive: I guess my incentive is both practical – I’m almost 90% sure of having sex without wasting an afternoon online – and personal – I feel proud of controlling something that seemed bigger than me.

I wrote 90% of chance of success because I noticed that when I become too picky I may be unsuccessful: guys stop approaching me when too many get a no in front of others, on my hand I don’t try any contact waiting for someone better to come and after a while the thrill goes away and disappointment take its place while I see people going somewhere to have sex.

So I learnt to go directly for a nice one as soon as I see him. I may get a no, but it hurts me more stare, stare, being stared back, then someone else arrive and I’m left with the remaining guys that I like less.

That Sunday I had been waiting a while standing between cabins and the dark room, when finally I noticed this big boy, probably taller than me, big shoulders, nice hairy chest, big legs. Hot, masculine, never seen before. He walked a while and then stood between two cabins without looking anywhere or anyone. I moved and stood right in front of him. Just a quick glance. Shy? Uninterested? I’d say 70% it’s a no. I moved closer, touch slightly his chest, he seemed pleased, I put my thumbs on his nipples, he relaxed and grabbed my hips, against the odds. We stayed there touching our bodies a while, other people watching us, someone even tried to be part of our foreplay, but we both stopped him. So I want you and you want me, this is good.

I rewarded him with a good kiss, he opened his mouth and I tasted his tongue. That was also better.

Do you want to go into a cabin? Yes.

We went into the nearest one, which was the kind with just a mattress on the floor, supposedly to lay down and fuck, but we stood in the middle, kissing and touching and kissing and touching. I had it very hard and I pushed my cock against his legs. Then I was naked and he was touching every part of my body while kissing me. It lasted a lot and it was so good. We heard some people trying to come inside, we hadn’t closed the door, that stopped us, we laughed, I told him he was handsome, he smiled, he told me that he liked me and went down on me. Door closed.

He blew me with my hands on his head, I could see the muscles on his shoulders, it was so exciting. I wanted to kiss him again and see him naked, I told him to stop and stand. We kissed.

When I untied his towel, I grabbed his dick: it was rather big, but still not hard, with a cockring. I played at the same time with his cock and his ass and then went down on him. I felt it getting harder in my mouth, but not completely hard. I moaned loud and started jerking me off to try and excite him more and finally I tasted him as hard as it should be. Anyway it didn’t last long. I felt a kind of mix of guilt and disappointment: was I not good enough for him? Did he like something that I didn’t get? Wasn’t he the good lover that I had imagined?

I looked him in the eyes, trying to understand if he still was into our sex and he was. He told me that it was ok, it always happened to him, if I didn’t bother he wanted to go on. I told him how much I was attracted to him, how much I liked his body and wanted to fuck him, he leant against the wall, spread his legs so that I could put first one and then two fingers in his ass, while kissing. I felt him so wet and hot, his cock was hard again, and he had me coming with his hands.

He was still not hard, I started jerking him, but he didn’t want to, he told me it was ok that way, I told him I was ok to go on, we smiled, we kissed, I stopped. While I took my towel I asked him where he was from, he told me Israel, where, Tel Aviv, never been there, you should, it is cool, I will come.

Going out he kissed me on my lips with tenderness and I felt the wish to meet him again, but then I let it go. I appreciate beauty so much that I didn’t care if he had problems with his erection. Maybe in another place it could have been different.

But then what’s the point in meeting again?

I understand this is not a blog where people comment my posts or ask me questions, but I really wonder if people ever try to meet again after sex in such a place. Is it to shallow to find a real attraction for someone? Or it is not that, it is more that the very reason of going to a sauna is to not meeting someone again, no matter what.

But still has someone ever organized a second appointment after the sauna? How was it like? Just an average second chance or an awkward situation where people do not really know how to engage with each other? Can you build something over a sauna or you just don’t know where to write a number?

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