(Gay) Agony Aunt

I have just read an interesting article by the Economist about the evolution of Agony Aunts and how the questions and the answers are a great mirror of the evolution of society and behaviours.

I admit that I have a small passion for the letters people send to magazines: when I find in some vintage market the old copy of a magazine, it is the first thing I read. When I was very young I have even sent a letter to a famous agony aunt: I can still remember the thrill when I saw it published and the answer seemed to me a precious gift. It was about the crush for a girl, already engaged, that I met at school. Think about the water under the bridge.

I have also just finished checking the stats of my blog and they are pretty flattering: more people than I had expected are reading my stories, some stories have an overall number of readers surprising, generally speaking when I give some “useful” insight about places and sex in those places, the post attracts attention. No comments though. It is not surprising that people want to read about sex experiences told in an unfiltered not-fictional way: I swear, what I write is what happened, if I don’t remember I don’t write, if I’m in doubt, I don’t pretend. It is not surprising also that people read without commenting, because what do you say in such a place using your online identity?

I have this idea: if someone want to ask something, to share his experiences, to share and discuss, well, that someone could drop me an email, and I’ll simply populate this page with the anonymous letters and my answers.

I promise I’ll never behave like Defoe did when he called a woman who confessed to have been seduced “whore”.

Probably nothing will happen, but still I feel like trying.

Want to write me as a gay agony aunt? The email is: mybedattitude at gmail dot com