Boys #60and #61, the Arab friends

I had the pleasure to spend some time in Lebanon for work. Beside the city, the night life, the music scene, the food scene, the archaeological beauties, I had some weird sex experiences. I met online so many guys from other middle east or Gulf countries, mainly from Jordan or Kuwait, which seemed to stay most of time in hotel waiting for quick, frenzy and serial encounters.

The most interesting hook-up happened one Sunday morning, while I was out on the streets deciding where to have breakfast. A nice guy texted me saying that he was looking for sex. He seemed rather handsome, with a big smile, toned, versatile. He was alone in his house, laying naked in his bed after a long night out (which is quite common in Beirut, I had the impression to live in a different time band even when I was there), longing for sex. I decided to stop by this guy with an empty stomach, but it seemed worth it: I was willing to have a different experience compared to the rather crazy ones in the hotel rooms.

We spent an incredibly long time trying to locate his house, which again seems to be a common problem in Beirut: most of the streets have no name, or they have a name that local people do not know, or the location on google maps is quite unstable and basically I had to send this guy many pictures of where I was, of the stores I saw, of the doors I was in front of. Finally I got his house and I was not only excited but also very curious to go inside a Lebanese building and apartment.

He lived on the last floor – the fifth – no lift. The building seemed to have a standard outlook coming from a better past, with some fancy doors and ceilings. The door was ajar and so I could enter by myself. The guy was standing on the threshold between the kitchen – which was a complete mess, like it hadn’t been cleaned since months, full of food and dish wares and leftovers –  and the bedroom. He was nice, but very short and thinner that I expected. He was in his briefs and barefoot and seemed to suffer from cold: it was winter, but for me it was a very pleasant day. He asked me if it was ok for me to have sex, he added that that there was another guy in the bed and told me to join them quickly under the covers. When I entered the bedroom I saw this other guy, probably also from Beirut, with very dark hair and beard and skin, bigger than my guy, not only taller but also fatter. They stayed embraced under a heated duvet, looking at me while I got undressed. I cannot really explain how I felt at that moment: they weren’t arousing or sexy at all, they were just tender, like two very young guy, even if they weren’t that young, with low means, which needed affection more than sex. Let’s say that I considered myself rather trained when it comes to casual sex, but I felt rather awkward at approaching them: did they expect me to be sweet or dominant? To have sex or just some petting? To stay in the middle or just with one of them?

We had a lot of kissing, in two and in three, I was more aggressive in the touching that they were, they just seemed to look at my uncut dick and they sucked it taking turns: none of them was very good but I let them doing what they wanted. Finally I started playing with their asses and they got quickly very excited, finally letting go the duvet and exposing their bodies. The sex, If I may call it sex, was very fast in the end. The fatter guy turned on his belly, showing his hairy ass and my guy started rimming him, giving him a strong and noisy pleasure. I penetrated him with one and then 2 fingers, while he moved his ass to make me go deep. I wanted to stop and play with my dick, but he grabbed my arm and made me go on that way. They came without touching their cocks: the fatter one just being rimmed, the slimmest one being fingered while rimming. The smell of their cum on the sheets was quite strong and I jerked off watching them laying naked and still. When I got dressed my guy chatted with me a little, touching me with tenderness, while the other guy was sleeping in the same position as he came.

I pretended I had a great time and we kissed goodbye. I went out again, enjoyed a warm and sunny winter day and went to have coffee and cake at a lovely place called Syp.

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