Boy #7, first time in sauna

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I was at the gym. I was training and wasting time, I wanted to go to a gay sauna, but couldn’t take courage to go. I browsed online reading the reviews to decide which one. I went to the Sweatbox, it made me feel at ease to go in the middle of the city, so I could just change my mind and have a walk instead. I spent something like 30 minutes near the entrance, pretending to receive messages, to read something on my mobile, watching people going in and out. I said “when it is .30 I’ll go in”. It was .30, nothing. “When someone nice goes in, I go in”. Someone nice went in, I didn’t. All of a sudden my feet simply started moving, I paid 16 pounds (that is too much, guys), I find myself in the locker room, struggling with a defective cabinet, trying to push all my stuff inside of it (suggestion for other guys: don’t bring a big bag, just have flip-flops and your towel). I wandered inside very fast, didn’t know where to go, where to stop, what to do. It was all watching, watching back, nodding, no touching. I found two guys having oral sex in the sauna, they had beautiful bodies, 4 people were watching them and jerking off. Was I supposed to have sex or to watch real sex?

I noticed a guy, about my age, shorter than me, toned, slightly haired. He watched me, I didn’t know that to do, I kept moving. In the steam room I saw him again, he seemed with another guy, I thought it was too late. I kept moving, saw them again, they both were watching me. I didn’t like the other guy, so I never watched him back. I went out in the passage, leaned against the wall, my guy arrived and stood in front of me, we both touched ourselves under the towel. He went back to the sauna, I followed him with an hard on, and he was back again with the other guy, both watching me. I got it, they were a couple, they wanted to do a threesome. I hesitated a second, but I liked just one of them, so went out, standing alone again.

Then it was quick: my guy approached me, he said ok, I come alone, he took my wrist and said follow me, we went downstairs, I wasn’t even aware of a downstairs, it was the place of cabins, dark rooms, porn movies at the walls, rooms for S/M, we went into a cabin, he locked the door, grabbed my hips and undressed me. All was passionate, kissing, playing with nipples, licking each other’s bodies, touching our cocks, balls, asses. There was something like a high counter, he sat on it, spread his legs and I rimmed him for good. He was panting heavily, said he wanted to be fucked, I penetrated him with a condom. It was the sex that makes you feel good. Then he stopped me, he told me he couldn’t come alone, kissed me again, said something nice and went out. His boyfriend was nearby, waiting, I didn’t look at him. I walked away with a full erection, went into the steambath, found a suitable guy and came on his chest.

Later in the shower 2 guys kept watching at me, I felt flattered, stayed a bit longer than needed.

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on “Boy #7, first time in sauna
One Comment on “Boy #7, first time in sauna
  1. If you’re in sauna, that doesn’t mean you have to be a gay, no need to be nervous about the look , you can enjoy as long as you want to, just passing times or make sex with anyone, by the way, why in the reception they embarrassing some people by asking are you gay or not, if it’s sauna and for public, then no need to put some fucking idiot cunts in the reception by asking this fucking question are you gay or not, if not not allowed to enter, leave people take their time and enjoy their moment of their own, and put someone polite person in the reception please, many thanks, hope you guys really understand the people’s minds and mentally rather than embarrassing them, thanX.

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