Boy #6, his dark bedroom

It was another nice summer evening. The bus stop near my house was closed, so I had to get off earlier and walk. I checked Grindr and noticed an Italian guy, muscular, hairy chest, masculine. We talked a bit, we were very closed, so I proposed to meet immediately, but he was at work. He was making pizza in an Italian fast food. We chatted later, he was tired, but thought he could make a quickie. I went to his place, it was one of these complex with many building with letters, couple of gardens in between and parking lots. I stayed a while watching some kids playing, it was an happy scene that relaxed me.

He shared the apartment with other guys, but none of them was home. We went to his room and laid on the bed, watching TV. The bedroom was completely dark, the TV screen was small, in the dim light I could notice some weights to train on the floor. He had a white t-shirt and italian underwear. We talked about cooking and eating in London, Italian recipes, best pizza, quality of life and prices. Some laugh. He told me that he was embarrassed in making sex with someone he didn’t know. His sex life in London was not as good as expected: too much work, too much competition. I touched his muscles, he relaxed, I took off my underwear and we started jerking off. I could barely see his face and his chest. We went down on each other, I blew longer than he did, his cock was very thick, his body solid, but he didn’t seem to get a real pleasure from this. We came touching ourselves, in front of a TV screen with some talk show, not even a porn. He lit a cigarette and asked me if I wanted to share. I don’t smoke, but we stay there, with the sperm on legs and belly, talking about London, almost in the dark. We didn’t stay in touch, even if I got the impression that he needed more a pal than a lover.

Months later during a bank holiday I went to the Italian fast food. There were some students, a couple, a guy alone, and a football match on TV. I saw him in the kitchen. He seemed ok, we had a quick eye contact and a smile.

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