Boy #5, at his shop, in the morning

It was summer, a hot week in London, always sunny. I was spending the week with my boyfriend without having sex. I was giving a glance to Grindr every now and then and there was this black guy, very close to me, many hot pics and dirty language, always connected in the morning. He told me that he could host in his shop before opening it. I had never had a thing with a black guy, that aroused me. A lot. One morning I put my alarm earlier, looked at Grindr already in the bathroom and he was online. I asked if he wanted to have sex, he said he was horny, I just washed myself quickly and went out. The morning was glorious, I felt thrilled walking on the street looking for the address he gave me. Many places in London don’t have any visible number so I went back and forth, writing on Grindr I couldn’t find him, no answer. I sat briefly on a bench in front of a church, it was a quiet and nice place I had not really noticed before. He finally called me, told me where he was and waited for me on the threshold. At that point we were both slightly late. He was taller than me, thin, moustache, not particularly attractive. The shop was a fancy saloon for women. There was also something for dogs, but I couldn’t really get it. We went downstairs, it was very dark. He had an old sofa, with a zebra cover, there was a sink, a bathtub, a mirror. I wanted to kiss him, to feel how it is with a black guy. The taste of the skin, the tongue, the lips. It was good, bitter maybe, but he was not interested in kissing, no time for that. He sat on the sofa, got his cock out, asked me to get naked. His cock was as big as I wanted and expected. I blew him while he was seated, in front of the mirror. I could feel his cock everywhere and deep in my mouth, it was not completely hard, with short hairs on the balls. I licked them. He asked me to stand up, to see my ass. He turned me around, put a finger in my ass, I could see his cock in the mirror, I said I didn’t want to be fucked. He said he didn’t get it and tried to force his cock inside of me. I didn’t let him, I turned over again and had his cock in my mouth again. He didn’t want to come this way, he had asked me to come to fuck my ass. I spread my legs while standing, but couldn’t be fucked, I was not wet, we both started sweating heavily. He jerked off watching my ass, coming on my butts. He washed his cock in the bathtub, I was about to come while jerking off but he was not watching me, so I dressed up, went upstairs and away. I walked a bit with a strong hard on. The day was kind of perfect and I kept thinking about sucking a black cock and being afraid to be hurt if fucked. I felt good. I went to an Italian café, order a cappuccino and a croissant, enjoyed it on the bus to work. I was not even the last one to come to work, someone said he had a problem with a train, someone else was sick. I decided to look more actively for black guys and to be more top.

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