Boy #4, my place

He was the first guy I invited at my place, he couldn’t host because he worked with his father who lived next door. I don’t know why, but I feel more at ease if I can go to the house of the other person. It is something like “even if I don’t like him, he may come back”. Too many cheap movies, I suppose. The guy anyway seemed pretty refined and educated, I’d say upper class. Moreover he had beautiful pictures, with a toned and smooth body, a chest I wanted to lick. He was Portuguese and a dentist. When I met him I was pretty disappointed. He was very small (no height indicated on Grindr, I noticed later) and very slim (no weight indicated on Grindr, same later), with braces. He dressed smart, particularly the shoes. We chatted a lot in my kitchen, I didn’t feel like having sex, but didn’t want to be rude. He was definitely polite and socially clever, so I felt pleased and also cheated, for I got the impression that some pics I saw were not his. He said I had a beautiful house, was impressed, we talked about books, he asked for some water. We spent like 30 minutes this way, I wondered how long it would have lasted. When is it clear to everybody that sex is not going to happen? When we both stood up drinking water he simply kissed me, I felt his tongue, it was good, he touched my shoulders, like an embrace, but he was really too small, I couldn’t get horny. He asked me to go to the bedroom and we did. It was very fast: he unbuttoned his trousers and show me his cock. It was big, hung, brown. It would have been perfect on another body. He told me to blow him, I kneed and started sucking. He was a bit rude, pushing my head deep, I felt like choking. He didn’t care that I was not even touching my cock. He said that I was very good and started moaning heavily and I wanted to stop, I felt his cock against my throat. He came in my mouth and I move away quickly from him, and he ended coming on my floor. I spat immediately. I was angry and confused. I didn’t like him and he made me feel at risk. I stayed alone for a while, wondering why I couldn’t say no. Then I messaged him on Grindr asking if he was safe and negative. He replied the following day, he said yes, that was obvious. I deleted all the messages. Months later he contacted me again from a different profile, not recognizing me, I answered just to tell him that he was not my type.

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