Boy #34, first time in the office

I’ve been wondering a lot about writing about this experience, and then I decided that it was exciting and satisfying and different, so it is worth sharing.

I don’t like to have sex with colleagues, I think it may create embarrassing situations in the days after: if it goes wrong, well, not a good idea to meet that guy everyday, but even it goes well, I don’t want casual lovers constantly around. Anyway I had sex with this guy, who is partially a colleague, partially a sport mate, partially a friend with benefit.

If I sound dissolute, well, he is far better or worse than me. It is like that when I have some experience to tell, it is nothing new to him, or what is new to him, then it becomes something I would like to try. He told me more than once that he had had some sex experiences in the office and I thought it was a crazy thing to do. Still, that image struck me, sneaking out of the desk, finding an empty toilet somewhere, fucking half naked, hushed, checking before going out. It scared me and so it excited me. He said often something funny about us making it in the office and I always laughed out of embarrassment: he knows well that making me laugh is a very good way of making me doing thing, even being naked while other people are working.

Once he showed me the guy he had sex with in the office and I thought: well, if they did it, why can’t we? Very mature and wise, I know. 

The occasion didn’t happen for a while. Then it was summer, the weeks where offices are half empty, when people want to go outside as soon as they can, when all of sudden you can call and say you are not coming to work and people don’t really care. One day I realized that we were no more than 10 in my office and I texted him something allusive, that he immediately got.  He told me that he could stay as long as it needed to be alone, that he had condoms, that he wanted to be fucked. I tried not to think about it, but when at 4 pm we were only 3 people, I realized that I really wanted, I could fuck in a toilet in my office. I texted him that we are just 3. He said, when you are alone, I’m free. At 5 we were still 3 and I remember that I went to these 2 girls asking if they had a lot of work. They told they were about to go: did I need a ride somewhere or want to drink something together? This is when something you have never done and you may even not like is far more attractive that something you know is nice but you can do whenever. They went away, as if I had reminded them that they could go. I hesitated. Was it really safe? What if somebody came back? What if somebody was still in the office and I just didn’t know? What if some camera was watching us?

I stayed alone a while, not working, not texting, doing nothing. The he texted me, so? I’m alone, I answered. Open the back door near the fire exit, he told me, I’m coming in a couple of minutes. He arrived at my floor, we were both insecure and undecided, we smiled, laughed, then he kissed me kindly on my lips, took my hand and drove me towards the toilets. He opened the door of the accessible toilet, locked the door, put a condom on the sink and started kissing me. He decided everything. He kissed me until I was totally horny, then went down on me, unbuttoned my jeans and started blowing me while I was standing. I thought he wanted me to come into his mouth, like I had already done a couple of times, but then he took the smartphone out of his pocket and asked me to film him.

He and his partner like to record when they have sex with other guys and watch the video together.

I recorded him from above while he was sucking me deep into his throat or licking my cock all around. I had to stop when I was about to come, because I wanted to grab his head and push my boner inside his mouth as deep as I could. I let the phone on the sink, near the condom. He told me that he wanted to be fucked. There, in the office, in the toilet in the office, in a late summer afternoon. We did it while standing. He just pressed his hands against the wall, I grabbed his hips and pushed my cock inside his ass. It was so hot that I was afraid I would never come, but it was also so thrilling that I came while asking him how much he liked to be fucked by me. Have I already said that kisses and words really turn me on? Then we put the condom in the toilet paper and got rid of it outside of the office. Later in the evening he texted me how exciting it had been. I came in my own bathroom, alone, just thinking about it.

Days after he showed our video to his boyfriend before having sex with him.

Months later we had a threesome and his boyfriend asked me to fuck my colleague in front of him.


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