Boy #33, the young engaged one who kept me waiting 2 years

In the gym, I choose more or less always the same locker. 

I first saw this guy, younger than me, tall, slightly queer, dressed smart, with a big colored tattoo on his back and buttock.

I guess I started watching him because we often happened to change next to each other, we looked at our bodies, stayed naked more than needed, occasionally looked in the eyes. I’m sure I was the first who said hi. I started feeling intrigued by this young guy who seemed willing to play.

Knowing that someone is attracted by you is gratifying, but sensing that someone may be attracted by you it is exciting. 

And so I got excited, with a complete hard on, with a urge of showing him my boner when we had a shower next to each other. I saw that he was watching me, that he wanted to show me his ass, that he wanted to arouse me. He saw my excitement, but I had to hide my cock because there were too many guys coming and going. I still remember I had to cover my cock with my hand to go and take the towel. This happened more than once since we both tried to meet in the shower: we started looking at each other in the training room to understand when it was time to go.

I really wanted to get in touch with him, to go beyond the gym, to stay naked in front of this young queer and see his desire for my body. I remember that once I wrote my number on my iPhone and let it on top of the bag: I have no idea if he saw it or not, but nothing happened.

That was the time when Instagram made possibile to search pics based also on geolocation and I browsed all the pics tagged in the gym. I saw him. A couple of pics, very narcissistic, details of the body, his image at the mirror. I also found out that we were born in the same region. I got confirmation that he worked in fashion, I was so sure of this. Finally I saw the pics with his boyfriend, they looked very alike, very in love, full of friends saying how beautiful they are together.

Overall all this story taught me that when I want something badly, I can be cunning, I can be patient and I can be reckless. 

I wrote him a private message on Instagram, he seemed happy, we flirted a bit, he said that he wanted to see me again in the shower. When we met, we waited until we were left alone, he came close to me, he smiled, said I was beautiful, I said I couldn’t stop being excited as soon as I was naked next to him, he said don’t stop, he grabbed my boner, started masturbating me. I touched his buttock, where the tattoo was. I felt overwhelmed by desire. We had to stop.

I send him my number via Instagram and so we started texting on whatsapp. it could happen anywhere and anytime,we always started teasing and then ended sending naked pics. It could happen at night, with naked pics in the bathroom, or in the morning in bed, it could happen at work, where we got so excited that we had to stop or go to the bathroom and masturbate. Once I was on a train, he wanted me so badly, I went to the bathroom and I took a video of me masturbating, he wanted to see me coming and I send a pic of my sperm on my hand. He did the same.

We could stay weeks without meeting in the gym or texting, but when we started chatting, we couldn’t stop writing what we wanted from each other. He wanted to be fucked hard, very hard, so deep that he could feel my balls, he wanted me to come inside his ass. I wanted to rim his ass until he became so wet that he had to ask to be fucked.

Then he changed home and gym and I thought that was the end of our sexual game, instead he asked me to meet again, he still could come to my gym, he proposed to go to the sauna and wait until it was safe. I obeyed to his will, as I’ve always done in this months. He finally blew me, he put my hands on his head to push my cock as deep ad I could. Then he asked me to go to the hydro and I obeyed. We stayed there, with his hand on my cock, my cock barely kept inside the swimsuit. We talked about the first time that I got excited in the shower, about our surprise of the mutual attraction, of his new house, of our partners, of the desire to be alone in a bed, of cheating.

I told him he could come to my house when I was alone, he said he wanted but didn’t dare. That evening he kept texting me that he had never cheated on his boyfriend, still he couldn’t help thinking about having sex with me, but what if it was disappointing at the end? what if he didn’t want to stop after the first time? Would he have felt happy or upset in the end?

I wanted him, I was sure that none of us would have regret it, but still I felt bad at pushing him: I can be messy, I can be a cheater, but I know exactly the effect that all of this has on me. I wanted it to be finally his decision, not mine. I invited him over a couple of times, he was at work, or with his boyfriend, he never came and I didn’t expect he would.

Couple of days ago I had an unexpected day off at work, I went to the gym in the afternoon and he was there. We were so surprised that we greeted openly (we never said anything in front of other people), then we realized that it was the first time and felt awkward. I was arriving, he was going away. He came close to me, he asked me my plan for the next day, I said I was home in the morning, he said he wanted to meet me in the gym. He kept texting me for the rest of the day, he wanted me, he wanted to meet me in the gym, or at my house, he couldn’t decide, he was alone, it would have been perfect, was I sure that I wanted him? I have been wanting him since the first day I saw him. I said that our desire was so strong that it had to happen, we just had to decide when we felt ready.

The next morning I didn’t say anything and he decided to come to me.

We did what we had been waiting for so long. We kissed right on the door, undressed each other, he blew me while I was standing, than I laid on him opening his legs with my hand, I rimmed him with all the passion that I had promised, and he asked to be fucked laying down with his legs on my body, so we could kiss with our mouths tasting of each other’s body. I came on his body and my sperm went even on his face. He took it on his finger and licked it.

He asked to have a shower together, I felt surprised by his sweetness, his attraction, his gratitude. His beauty made me feel horny and cautious, I wanted to enjoy that moment without breaking anything, I wanted him to feel happy and special. He asked me to have sex again, but I preferred not to, I just wanted to hold him naked.

We said goodbye with one last kiss, then another and then another.

I believe I had been waiting to have sex with him 2 years. Even 10 years, it would have been worth it.

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