Boy #27, the one I had sex with because I hope he was someone else

This is a strange and long story, with something like a happy ending, meaning that the sex at the end was good, but with the wrong Prince Charm.

I’m not particularly good at recognizing people, I know immediately if a face is familiar but the art of associating a face with a name, a description, a previous encounter is not my forte.

One day a guy at the gym said hello in the training room and I had no idea if we knew each other: he was tall, dark hair, big shoulder, big beard, like many other guys I see at the gym, in the street, at work.

Another day I was arriving at the gym, he was going out, he smiled and said hi again. This time I really noticed him, I remember the previous time and his face got stuck into my mind. Smile? Do we know each other?

Then in the following weeks he became the guy who smiled and said hi every single time we met, and I mean every time: once we were one in front of the other in the shower, he asked me how my life was going without embarrassment. He was sporty and fit, with a bit of a belly, hairy body. When we happened to have one locker next to the other, he used to stay close to me, half covered with the towel, rubbing his cock and I used to linger in the conversation half naked to provoke some reaction from him. The conversation was always a dull gym chat, how often you train, how you train, what you prefer, other sports, tiring day and so on.

I had no idea if he was gay: nothing in his manner activated my gay radar, but something in his look and mostly in his smile seemed to hint an interest. Or maybe he was simply super friendly in a place where strangers do not interact.

Then we met twice in different locations: one Sunday morning in a patisserie, I was buying some sweets to take home, he was having breakfast with his father (I believe) and obviously we chatted. One working morning I met him on the underground, he was with a colleague, we discover to work rather close, we stood close and chatted while his colleague was sitting alone. Before going down, I introduced myself, we shacked hands, his smile was particularly warm in the morning, I definitely felt an interest for him. I immediately opened grindr and hornet and scruff to spot him, but no, nobody around could be him. I did something very youngish, like greeting him in my description on these apps. Nothing happened, nobody said hey, it’s me.

The next time we met was after summer holiday, I had been away for a month (and I had noticed that, good boy), we was about to leave for New York and told me that he was engaged. He did this very gay thing, talking about the travel and the fiancé, but always saying partner or my darling, my beloved, never she or he. A basic gay trick in an awkward situation when you don’t wanna be gay neither be straight.

Finally it came November, I was supporting Movember, I came to the gym with my moustache, we was on the treadmill, he said hi, smiled, said something I couldn’t hear. I went closer to him, and he drew moustaches on his lips with his finger, then thumb on towards me. I felt coy, I bet I blushed, I smiled and went away. Later he came close to me to do some stretching, told me that I looked good, I said this was just the Movember thing, he said I should consider to keep them because I looked good (again) and I replied well, you are like the only one saying this, he asked what the other people were saying, he laughed and admitted that the best compliment so far was that I seemed the actor of an x-rated movie from the ‘70s and he said: this is exactly why you look so good and went away.

I wanted him so badly.

That night I was on grindr, specifically looking for him: isn’t it kind of romantic?

I noticed someone who could be ideally him. A small pic with just the beard, he said he was tall, partnered. I asked some details, for the first time not sexual ones but do you go to the gym, where do you work, where are you from. He was not willing to share personal details, he told me his partner was away from work, he wanna be fucked be an active. No pics.

He was fun in his answers, I tried to say something that could be recognizable, he didn’t seem to notice anything, anyway we was witty, made me laugh a couple of times.

He decided to go, I had already decided to meet him before we started chatting, I wanted him and any try could be the good one.

I went in front of his apartment, which was just 2 minutes from mine, texted him, he went down, I saw from far that he was not my man, he came towards me, he said something funny, we laughed, he asked me inside, I said yes, we sat on this sofa, talked about ourselves, we discovered that we were from the same city, similar schools, partners away, he was really funny, I believe I was funny too, he was not my type, many tattoos, piercings, tall but floppy, smoker, but the time together was nothing but pleasant.

He suddenly stood, looked at me, smiled and said: are you going to fuck me?

He took my hand, we went to his room, I remember funny details on the walls like the queen of England and Angela Lansbury, he undressed me completely, stayed with his t-shirt and went down on me. He was passionate, dedicated, seemed he couldn’t stop. When I said I was going to come inside his mouth, he stopped, kneeled upon me, gave me a condom and had my dick penetrating him. I came inside him without touching his dick, I really didn’t feel like it.

We talked and laughed again naked in his bed, I told me I would have liked to see me again, I even took away his garbage.

He was not the guy I desired, I met him just because I wanted someone who was not him, I didn’t like him and in a different mood I wouldn’t have gone to his bedroom, but then the sex was good, I fucked him with pleasure, we both felt satisfied.

Days later he asked me to meet again, I politely said no, I’m still looking for my guy and just can’t get him out of my head.

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