Boy #14, the one who changed his mind

Obviously, not every meeting is a success, where success in this blog means sex.

You can send and receive tons of pics, but sometimes you meet someone you don’t really like, who seems uptight or crazy or simply ugly, and sometimes you are clearly the not attractive one. First time it happened to me, I was very upset and felt all of a sudden self conscious, then I accepted the idea that it happens all the time to everybody and it doesn’t mean nothing bigger than a single no. So in a way lots of casual sex make you stronger and strengthen your character. Morality makes us weaker than ascetic would think.

I chatted with this guy who lived rather close to me, he sent immediately a couple of naked pics, seemed very horny, wanted to meet asap. It was such a sweet spring night, I felt happy just to walk to his house, exploring part of the neighborhood I had never seen. He lived in a fancy square, one of those in west London with elegant white building watching a garden with some carousels, benches, untamed areas. I remember that I had a quick walk inside, since the gate was open: a guy with a dog looked at me suspiciously but didn’t ask any question, I took a pic that I cannot find anymore. I decided I was running late and went to my date’s place.

This is what happened: I buzzed, he told me to go in, the door was ajar, I saw myself into his place, which was a big and messy room with a bed in the middle, and he was already naked on it. He probably had a fantasy of being naked and me doing I don’t know what, but he didn’t say anything, just watched. I went closer but I was embarrassed, watched him back and stayed dressed. He was definitely nice, slim and toned, no hair on his body, a beautiful face. He was touching his cock, which was not hard. We stayed in this awkward situation for a brief moment that seemed to me an hour, until he finally told me to suck him. I kneeled in front of him, fully dressed, started blowing him and nothing happened. I stopped and watched him, he seemed tired, distracted. I started blowing again, moaning a bit to harass him, but he stopped me, told me never mind, you can go.

At least I was not excited, I was already dressed and it was such a nice night to go around. I thought for a while that he was impotent, or too stoned to get it up, but then I felt so relaxed just walking that I didn’t need an excuse. I blew an handsome guy who probably didn’t feel like to have sex with me, so none of us got excited and that’s the end of the story.

It happens all the time and it was not as bad as I expected it to be.

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