Boy #13, the guys I don’t really remember

So, I have this note on my iPhone about an evening I cannot remember.

It says it happened at the Vault139, which is likely, because I have to admit it: I enjoyed the night I spend there, I grew more confident and I got an habit of going to Vault every now and then on Mondays or Thursdays during naked nights.

Probably it is the very fact that for a while it became an habit to erase my memory, I don’t have any striking or funny or unexpected detail to help me, I just remember naked people, me standing waiting for a blowjob, some easy and good sex. I have to accept the idea that I can have good sex with guys I don’t really remember, whatever this says about sex in general or me in particular.

The note says that I was excited, touching my dick near a cabin and then a black guy stood at the other side of the door. He nodded to go down on him,  I said I’m top, he said same and showed me his dick. It was big, hard, shaved. I grabbed his hips and had it all in my mouth. It was so good, I played with my tongue, tried to blow him as deep as I could. I wrote “choking”. He came on my chest, I felt satisfied without coming, he caressed my head before going away. When I read this detail I believe I can remember the face of this guy, but then I’m not really sure: anyway the caress clicks something more than the blowjob.

I walked around again, I was so excited that I wanted to come quickly, like no matter how. I saw another black guy who was laying down on a sofa, he seemed ready. I stood in front of him, not sure how to behave, because I have never had sex that way. Was I supposed for a sign before getting closer or would I rather go straight close to his face and see the reaction? I don’t remember which one I choose, I believe the first, but for the records on other occasions I noticed that you can do both.

I put a feet on the arm of the sofa and pushed his head while he blew me. We were quick, I came part into his mouth and the rest on his face. He split and came.

I also wrote that outside it was slightly raining and that the guy who was going out of the Vault after me approached me outside. I was hungry, cut it short and had a burrito in Goodge street.

End of note.

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