Boy #11, when I was naked at Vault139

I was walking in Fitzrovia with a friend, the kind of gay guy with rare moral standards, no internet causal sex and only love stories. All of a sudden he told me “hey, this is a gay club where people go naked, drink and have sex, isn’t it exciting?”. I’ve never heard such a thing, got curious, found information online. It came out that there are different nights, dressed, underwear, naked. I wanted just to have sex, to try something untried, so the naked night on Thursday was my night. I walked from the tube to the Vault139 (this is the name of place), I checked every second the map on my mobile, I was so nervous, I changed my mind 4 times, I had no idea what a naked night really means and felt anxious about my mobile and my money. Near the club there was a place with something like an artistic event, with photos and sculptures, cool people drinking and chatting. I went inside, got a free glass of sparkling wine, which was perfect for the moment, read every single tagline on the walls (btw some pieces of art were quite cool), lingered as long as I could before I became a weird guy alone spending too much time watching art. I walket to Vault, which is a club in a basement, had to queue a bit on the stairs, when it was my turn I couldn’t get what the guy was asking me (“your initials?”), he understood that it was my first time and told me that it was a naked night, if I was sure that I wanted to go inside. I did. They gave me a basket to put my stuff into and saw that everybody was naked, walking, drinking, talking. It seemed completely crazy. I got undressed in a place so small that you practically put your ass in front of someone else face. You stay naked apart from your shoes, which is a bit fetishist: I suggest high sneakers, so you can put the lube and the condom (that you can find everywhere) between the shoe and the sock. I walked hiding my dick with my hand, most of the people do the same, others walk showing proudly their dick or their erection. There is bar, some sofa where people relax, a room which seemed to me for old or fat people, then different almost dark places: a corridor with cabins, another corridors with bigger cabins where you can easily watch inside, and a large place where most of group action happens. I stood in one corridor, like the top guys do (this is what I think), many people tried to get my attention, finally a black guy stood beside me, we stared at each other, we were both half excited. I touched his body, he was smooth and toned, a big dick, I felt like sucking it, but he went down on me. He blew me in the corridor, with people walking naked, or watching us or having sex openly in front of us. I asked him if he wanted to go into a cabin, but he said it was ok this way, he had just finished having sex with another guy. This was by far the sexiest and craziest thing I have ever done.

I didn’t come, let him go and went watching two guys having oral sex in the corridor. One was Italian, the other from UK. The Italian guy grabbed my hip and pushed me between them. He started kissing me, licking my lips, while the other guy blew me. Some people were watching. I sucked only the Italian guy, who was more handsome and we came having this oral threesome in front of other people. I quickly went to the bathroom where a guy approached me while I was washing my dick, I thought that the amount of sex in the place was even too much. I queued to take back my stuff having still the erection (it always lasts more than I want), the guys were kind and when out I thought that the place was safe, no need to be anxious.

Outside I watched some your young playing basket. They were having fun even in the drizzly evening. I could see their breath in the night. I took some photos for Instagram, but none of them was good and I deleted them while waiting the bus home.


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  1. Hey. Absolutely love your blog. Will be in London next month and am planning a first visit to The Vault. Would love some advice as to how things work! For starters, how do you pay for drinks at the naked nights??

  2. Great story . I’ve been going to sex clubs around London for ages – vault , central station , backstreet ; always have lots of fun – love the gloryholes at the vault too ; I’ve had lots of casual fucks there , met a few regular fuckbuddies and even fucked a couple of the bar staff over the years – not in the club tho

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