Boy #10, first time in a dark room

This time it took me less to go inside Sweatbox. It was another Sunday afternoon, probably I got the feeling that going the same day I knew what to expect. It was rather crowded, some guys started looking at me even from the changing room: I had spent all the evenings training at the gym, so I was very fit. I behave like someone who feels confident, went downstairs, let some guy touch my body to get aroused, approached someone upstairs. I honestly spent too much time trying to spot and pick the best one and after a while I was still browsing. I may sound full of myself, but I noticed that all the nice guys walk and look and walk and can never decide who to fuck with, the young ugly guys try to touch frantically almost everybody and sneak into group actions, the old guys look at you endlessly (and I wonder every time, will I end this way or will I have something better to do?), the average guys are the best option if you wanna have sex and don’t lose all the day.

There was this very tall guy from East Europe who had the look of a bird of prey, he was toned, hairy, big legs. He was having a lot of oral sex in different rooms with different guys. He started kissing someone, biting his ears, grabbing his chest, people stopped around him watching and touching themselves, and this thing made him more excited. At a point I watched him kissing another big guy, without stopping he started touching my dick and I joined them. We were surrounded by 5 people, everybody naked. He started touching other guys, it seemed he couldn’t stop. I got annoyed and went away. At that point I wanted to come quickly and went near the cabins, then I saw some action in the dark room and went into. There were two fat guys having oral sex at the end of the room, under the porn movie, other guys were simply sat, waiting. I stood still, touching my erection, then a guy entered the room, sat in front of me and started rubbing me. Obviously I couldn’t see him, but he seemed nice, young, fit. I got rid of my towel, put a feet on the beach, took his head and fucked his mouth. He was so good. He looke at me and gave me a condom. I stopped, he turned and I fucked him doggy style. Everybody in the room was watching and panting and coming. Someone touched my chest and my ass while I was deep into him, pushing my body against his bum. He wanted to know when I was coming to come together and we did. You can be watched while you fuck and be overexcited, but immediately after that being watched is awkward and I got self-conscious. I went in the shower and then in the changing room. I looked around to see my man, but I couldn’t find him. I was curious and afraid to understand if I had fucked someone I would have chosen or not. Did it really matter at that point? Could you have great sex just imagine the attraction and follow only the body?


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