Boy #1, near Earl’s Court

We chatted a few days on Grindr, we came from the same country, so it was rather easy, no misunderstanding. We decided to have sex, we didn’t mention any role and he gave me appointment late in the evening in front of the Cromwell Hospital. I waited there for 15 minutes, I was afraid he was not showing up. When he came he was rather nice, but shorter than expected; he seemed rather pleased instead and asked me to follow him. He lived in a crazy house, so big, 2 floors, many rooms, completely stuffed and messy. He told me there were something like 6 people living there plus the owner, an old lady, a widow, who needed to rent the house for a living. We had to pass through 4 or 5 rooms before coming to his bedroom. It was very narrow. We sat down in front of his pc, listening to some music and chatted a lot. Like 30 minutes of chatting, nothing interesting, just out of embarrassment. Then he sat on his bed and asked me to sit with him. We went on chatting a bit. Then he touched my leg, I touched him back and we got undressed. I started blowing him, not a great cock, not a great body. I also licked his balls and then went deeper between his legs. He spread them and I started rimming his ass. It was definitely the best part of him and we both got pleasure, jerking off. He came with my tongue inside of him, I came soon after. I cleaned myself quickly with some paper and went away immediately, because I didn’t like the place. We said to keep in touch, out of embarrassment again. Of course we didn’t. I had a walk in the neighborhood, it struck me as nice, with beautiful houses, some gardens, young people laughing. I felt good and one of them.

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