Men #66 #67 and #68, when 3 became 4 and then 2

This is a story I care about so much.

I know I have a passion for threesome: it is not only that I like sex, that I am sociable so that the more the merrier, but it is that I like watching sex and being watched when I have sex. If the other two have a relationship, I find it even more exciting.

This is why I had various intercourse with this not particularly attractive couple. They are friendly though, very polite, full of interests, chatty but none of them would turn me on by himself. They invite me quite often, sometimes I accept and go to their apartment where we have first a nice chat on the big sofa before kissing and then going upstairs where we fuck each other’s arse until someone come and then the others usually jerk off. Once they asked if I had any particular fantasy and I told them I had fancied about having sex with one of them while the other was still downstairs and then come to the bedroom and join us. They organized it for me and I felt very gratified. Nice couple, right? They would probably deserve a post just for them, but I cannot help thinking about what happened one Sunday afternoon and later.

In the previous week, they asked me via chat if I would like to have sex with a friend of them. They told he was another fixed partner for them, and they believe we could be a match. I asked just for a couple of pics to be sure I didn’t dislike him and then agreed with curiosity. Basically I accepted because I trust them.

When I arrived at theirs, I was the last one: the three of them chatting cheerily on the sofa, the same situation I had lived more and more times. The forth guy (or was I the forth?) seemed much nicer than the couple, more sporty and with lively green eyes which I found particularly attractive. I sat next to the guy of the couple I liked most, the one more timid which gave me more pleasure with his big cock and soft kisses. His boyfriend, more dynamic, was at the center of the conversation . We spent quite some time chatting again, knowing each other, probably with some embarrassment about where and when to start: all of us had just one intention in our mind, but still we were so well behaved not to interrupt the humorous atmosphere. At last the dynamic guy of the couple asked if we had previous experiences with sex in four, I said yes, the forth guy said yes, the couple said yes. We laughed and he said we could start. The dynamic guy and the forth guy started kissing immediately, with a passion that surprised me and probably partially the guy with the big cock. They seemed full of lust and started undressing on the sofa, playing with fingers and tongue, while me and the guy with the big cock were simply caressing each other, more embarrassed: usually was always the dynamic guy to make the first move when we were three. When the forth guy, now shirtless, sat on the knees of the dynamic guy, who put his hands inside his jeans, lowering them so that I could see a flash of his white naked buttocks, we decided to go upstairs.

We began having sex slowly and tenderly, and when the two of them joined us upstairs we were deeply engaged in a mutual blowjob and I found so exciting the idea of them coming up, excited and spotting both of us with a cock in the mouth. We had an incredible, almost exhausting one hour of sexual exploration. The forth guy had a cock so long and large that the couple showed it to me with satisfaction. I remember kneeling on the bed with the three of them standing and each one putting his cock in my mouth, the other watching and kissing and waiting for the turn. I remember me lying down on my stomach and the guy with the big cock fucking me, them two fucking face to face with the forth guy topping the dynamic guy, and me kissing the dynamic guy. I then remember me fucking the dynamic guy who wanted me so much, he likes missionary style, but I turn him around and fucked him from behind, while the guy  with the big cock first fucked the forth guy and then briefly fucked me, but we had to stop or would have come too early. The couple wanted to try every position with me and the forth guy, at a certain point I remember spotting at least 5 condoms on the floor, while I was putting another on my cock to fuck again someone. But what I remember most clearly, most vividly is the moment when I crossed the gaze of the forth guy, and we saw the same spark in our eyes, the same desire to touch each other as long as we wanted, to hold each other as tight as we could and penetrate each other as long as we pleased. We didn’t want to piss the hosting couple off, they were great, they were doing their best, they were completely devoted to our pleasure, still we recognized and kept that mutual and exclusive feeling in our mind and bodies. When I was about to come, the first of the group, the forth guy stopped me and asked me to come inside of him, which I did, grabbing him from behind and filling his ass with my cum. The three of them waited for me and then jerked off all together on the body on the dynamic guy.

As always I was quick at dressing up and went away while they were still half naked or in the shower. The couple wanted me to stay and chat but this is something I am still not capable of doing.

The day after the dynamic guy texted me and told me that the three of them had kept talking after I had gone about how incredible, how similar to a porn movie it had been. The forth guy had texted him in the morning to tell that he still had some images in his mind, during work, which got him horny. I felt the urgency to get in touch with him, but I knew I had to be patient, I’d rather keep talking with the dynamic guy, accomplish his satisfaction, teasing him as I wanted more, which was partially true. Only after a week, during which we kept sexting every day, I dared to ask him the contact of forth guy. At first he was reluctant, he told that he had to ask first. I didn’t push. I asked the same question some days later, and he replied that he would like to organize another meeting and then we would swap numbers. I teased him again and again in the following days, and one day we were particularly in good mood, sending funny vocals and I asked again and he finally gave me the number.

I texted the forth guy. He was waiting for me. He gave me an appointment. We were thrilled. I met him three times so far. Each time we brought our pleasure to a different level. Having sex with him blows my mind away. I am jerking off right in this moment, thinking about him. Cannot wait to write what we do.


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  1. Cool story. I love three and four ways too but always avoid couples, I find the dynamic weird when there’s two with a relationship. Cannot wait to hear what happens next with you and the green eyed guy. How old is he?

  2. Hey, found you blog today and wow what an amazing read it’s been, it’s like you’ve lived fantasy after fantasy of mine. I’m a married guy, I guess I’ve always know I’m bisexual at least but never plucked up the courage to do anything with a guy, however after reading your blogs I simply know I have to go for it, still nervous but when saunas or similar places in London open I’m heading there, I need to know what it’s like to blow a guy, have a guy fuck me, play with my bum x thank you

  3. Hey, I have been reading your blog for years and from time to time, I remember the stories you have shared and have to revisit them. You write so well and very descriptive that I can actually imagine myself there
    Would be nice to follow you on insta

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