Men #64 and #65, the four hands massage

I am a serious runner. Probably I have already shared this detail about myself, since some of my hookups happen before or after running, while I’m a browsing the city and I am dressed in a way that I have discover excites many. Nothing is more perfect after a run than a good massage. This is way I contacted 2 guys whose nickname was “4hands massage” (or similar) and this is why I went on chatting with them even after I saw that none of them was attractive to me. If you have read more than one post, you may have also noticed that I have a thing for threesome or even more, but threesome is my favorite number after two.

So this couple told me that they have just started practicing massages as a couple, which supposedly is even better because a larger part of your body is taken care of. Did I want to try? Well, in that period I was preparing a marathon, so my limbs and my shoulders and my legs were aching and I wanted to try. On the other hand, I knew that the message could probably be intended to end in sex, and the perspective wasn’t turning me on. They were kind, very relaxed, not pushy, we kind of agree to have a short massage for free, so they could practice and I could relax just after an intense training.

I went to their house, a big two stories apartment. They had 2 cats, the ones very skinny, bit weird, I guess expensive and picky. The couple was less attractive than in the pics: one of older, the other simply uglier. We went upstairs for the message. I wasn’t completely at ease, thinking about my possible reaction in case they wanted to have proper sex after the massage. They started chatting to create a nice atmosphere, but I kept to myself. I undressed and kept my boxers, they told me that the massage was better naked, not to worry, also straight clients were naked. So I stood naked between them, while they were setting the scene with nice music, proper light and candles. They cover my body with a towel to keep me warm for a while and then started massaging. It was good, as good that after a while I forgot to be naked, or better to be naked with a couple met on Grindr that I didn’t like. I couldn’t really distinguish their hands, I just had the perception that one was better than the other, more precise, more intense and more attracted to my body or simply more daring. In a very subtle but clear way, he started stimulating my body by touching my balls while massaging my legs or even the tip of my cock, and spending much time in massaging my ass touching my asshole. I found it particularly intriguing and he clearly noticed it, since it kept doing the stimulation regularly and I started slightly opening my legs after each touch. Part of me was so relaxed to be ready to sleep, part of me was to intrigued to be ready to be turn on. The balance changed when the same guy (my guess) put gently a finger inside my ass. At first just a bit, like a mistake, but then I didn’t react nor complain, so after a while he put it again a bit more and then more. They always kept massaging my back and shoulders, they never stop, just every now and then I felt one wet finger in my wet ass, while around us the sound of a river was flowing endlessly. They ask me to change position if I wanted to, and so I did, laying on my back. I was partially excited, but didn’t have a proper boner.

The second part of the massage was completely different and probably more predictable. They was taking care of my chest and neck and head, but soon I felt two hands massaging my belly and caressing my cock which started reacting accordingly. One of them was not masturbating me but touching my cock in its extension until it was completely hard. Then he grabbed it with one hand and with the other put a finger with decision inside of me. The other man took my head and turned it towards him to put his cock in my mouth. It was big, large, not completely hard, but was filling my mouth. I started moaning with pleasure, spreading my legs to let two fingers go inside of me and sucking the cock as deep as I could. I felt my body totally relaxed and willing to abandon itself to their pleasure, more than my mind wanted. They quickly changed position and the older one put a condom on his boner and went deep inside of me. I was open, wet, relaxed, ready to whatever. The ugly man pushed my head to give him a blow job. I have probably never felt more passive than in that occasion, while I was simply at their disposal, they just had to command and to do. The older guy fucked me hard and with desire, saying how much he liked my body, while the uglier tried to cut short this conversation. When the older one was about to come, he took his cock out, freed the condom and came on me, with an impressive amount of liquid and many groans. The other one didn’t come. I did, just touching myself.

It was beautiful, erotic, exciting, intense, partially contrary to my mind will, but totally in tune with my body needs.

Some months later, I chatted with them again and discover that it was the older one to use the chat and he was alone that day. He asked me if I wanted to go for a free massage. I went. He gave me one hour massage, he played with my asshole all the time and brought me close to the orgasm just by doing that and finally he went on the table and laid on me. He started kissing my neck, my ears, my lips with passion and tenderness, saying over and over that he was so attracted by me. I felt his big boner pushing hard against my legs and felt so desired that I opened my leg more so that he could gently penetrate me, without the need of using hands, his cock found inside of me, inside of my wet ass ready to get him. After a while he used a condom and fucked me in different positions until he came in my ass.

Now they have a good business, as far as I know, and when I want a 4hands massage, I text them and get a very good special price. I have been there two or three more times and we always end the massage with a proper fuck when I am their bottom guy.

I don’t feel attracted to them at all. I so often think about our first encounter when I jerk off and I come with pleasure.


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