Men #55 and #56, the sweetest couple

I was on holidays, they were on holidays, I was alone, they were a couple, I was expert in 3some sex, they were not.

We started chatted in the afternoon, but it wasn’t a good time to organize: we were headed to different beaches, I also wanted to go running, they wanted to have an aperitif on the beach and early dinner, like people from the east often do. We exchanged some pictures, but without great involvement: I guess the three of us someway sensed that it was unlikely to meet later in the evening. Moreover they didn’t have good pictures, something from afar, some nude pics just with details, no pic together, so it wasn’t easy to get if they were attractive and hot as a couple.

I remember perfectly that day, not only for the sex that we indeed had in the evening, but also for the other out of ordinary happenings.

First I had a very pleasant run along the beach, with people playing any sort of sport and then out of the blue a strong wind arrived from the sea, dark clouds full of rain and finally the typical summer storm which hit me at the end of my run, with thunders and lightning all around. Scary and exciting. I ran as fast as I could to arrive at the car I had rented and then the second unexpected thing happened. I found a wallet with money and documents and nobody around. I decided to take it and find out a way to give it back. After many calls I discovered that I had to go to the nearest police station – which wasn’t so near – and when I arrived there, the guy who had lost the wallet was right before talking with the officer. I was from my same city, which was in another country, so it all sounded super nice and super cool.

By that time it was late, I had a quick dinner and opened again Grindr to have some fun. The Russian couple was green. They were still having dinner, drinking a lot and no plans. We decided to meet. They gave me appointment in a small park. They seemed a bit shy, tipsy, awkward in their movement and not particularly attractive: the shorter one had a cute face, not athletic at all, the tallest one had broader shoulders but also a larger belly. Well, they asked if I wanted to go to their hotel and I said yes mostly because they seemed so nice and it felt strange to say no. They proposed to walk to their hotel and after a while I asked where the hotel was and it was about 2 km away: it was like walking with 2 kids. We went by car.

The sex was like high school sex, I cannot find a way to better explain it, just in 3, which I guess is not that common in high school (at least for my generation). They didn’t know what to do, they were unsure whether to switch off the lights – and they didn’t and it was the typical unattractive light under which basically everybody is ugly – they need to go to the toilet, one by one, and I heard them to brush their teeth – which I obviously appreciate, but then I was let standing in the middle of the room – they even fought with the air conditioning but without success. We had a small talk before making out: they have been together for 5 years, they lived in Russia in two different cities and met in a romantic way that I’m not sharing, had just tried 3some sex once. They literally didn’t know how to approach me, so I started touching them and kissing them gently. They asked me what I liked, I said, don’t mind guys, let’s just see how it goes. Everything was gentle and sometimes fast and I had to decide every single move. When they put on the bed some lube and condoms, it was a surprise, none of them had a real hard on, but I was willing to please them. The tallest one laid down and opened his legs: I played with his ass and then started fucking him. The more I fucked him, the more he lost his hard on: he told me my cock was big for him and my fucking hurt him but he wanted to go on. The smallest one put a condom on his cock and tried to fuck me. I literally had to stop fucking to guide his cock inside me: he was far from finding my hole. He couldn’t keep his cock hard and so couldn’t really penetrate me. He tried so many times, both myself and his boyfriend tried each time to arouse him, but each time he lost the excitement quickly, until he laid down next to his boy and watch me fucking him, kissing me, touching my body, until I came. I felt so happy that I came, because I didn’t want to disappoint them but I would have rather stop and hug them. I dressed up and they both wanted to kiss me, gently on my lips, before seeing me out. I decided to half-hug them, because it seemed so natural.

The day after the shorter guy texted me to ask me if I had liked it. High school sex again. I said yes of course, he said that they had a lot of fun. It made me smile. Then I also asked me which of them I liked best and I couldn’t get the purpose of this question. I said that I liked them both, as a couple. He said that I seemed to have enjoyed particularly fucking his boyfriend, so maybe I liked him best? I said that I was enjoying it because he was playing with my ass and then kissing me. He was very pleased. I imagined he had at that moment the same smile of the guy I gave the wallet back to the same afternoon.

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