Men #50 and 51, the TV star and his boyfriend

Sometimes I like to meet guys when I finish running, before coming back home and having a shower.

It’s a situation that makes some guys really horny just for the very idea of a sporty partner, or of a sweated body, smelly feet, tight joggers. I may feel a bit embarrassed in entering into someone’s living room with my flashy t-shirts and shorts, but at the same time my body feels so good that sex is the natural happy ending of the training.

It was winter time, a very sunny and very cold Saturday morning, when I chatted with this man, around 50 years old, who stated that he and his boyfriend were looking for fun. He seemed to have a beautiful body. He was awake while his partner was still sleeping besides him: he felt horny and ask me to send some pictures. I feel immediately unrestrained when I talk with a couple and I let them command the conversation. The guy I was talking to had a nice face, beautiful smile and a huge cock, more than 20cm. His boyfriend seems less attractive, but the picture were not so clear. He told me to be top and liked to watch someone fucking his boyfriend. I wanted to run and fuck and have his big cock into my mouth.

They lived 5km far from me, so I basically was supposed to run for half an hour to them, have sex and then go back. Not so easy. I cannot help experiencing new situations so I said let’s do it. My man told me he needed discretion since he was a public figure: I looked more carefully at his photos and I recognized the presenter of a TV show about houses and furniture. Funny. Never thought about him as attractive and surely not so gifted. He told me that they had a steam bath in their basement and they would greet me there. It seemed perfect, more than I expected.

I had a beautiful run, I can still remember it: the sky was so clear and blue, the air was crispy and I could see my breath making clouds in front of me. I took a new route, ran beside a railway, crossed a couple of bridges, went through a posh residential area and then I was arrived. A villa, with a bmw parked outside, a tall gate half covering a beautiful garden with beach chairs, slightly declining on a natural slope. My man, the TV presenter, was waiting on the threshold wearing a white bathrobe. I went inside. They were both wearing white bathrobes and white slippers. The villa had an Italian style, with stuccos and frescos with angels and roman ruins, white curtains on big windows, marble on the floor. It smelled of money and taste. It was like bumping into a rich couple in 5 stars spa, but it was a private house, only us, bound to fuck.

We went downstairs, where they had a gym, a relax room filled with music and the small steam room. They left the bathrobes outside and enter naked. My man seemed in a good shape and self-confident, his man not so much and more coy. I put all my stuff on the floor and went inside, naked. I honestly felt sexy, for the training and in comparison. There was a pleasant smell of menthol, which seemed great after my running. We stayed there talking, discussing about sport, spas, houses, weekends, watching our bodies, our cocks – none of us was excited yet – but no mention about sex. I was waiting for them to start caressing or kissing each other but nothing happened. After a while the coy man needed a cold shower and went outside. My man smiled at me and told me he didn’t want to start the approach: his man was very jealous of him, so either me or his man had to start playing. He couldn’t. The boyfriend came back and this time my man went outside to get some air. As soon as we were alone, the coy man grabbed my cock and started jerking me off. I got horny. It drives me crazy the image of someone coming into a room and watching me having sex with his partner. When my man reached us, his boyfriend went down on me and started blowing me with an expert mouth. I was seated, the boyfriend was kneeling and my man stood on a step and put his cock into my mouth: it was not totally hard but very big. We had this mutual oral sex for a while. Then the boyfriend needed to stop and used the internal tap to drink and cool his body. I started fingering him from behind and he spread his leg to make me push deeper. I spit on his ass and rimmed him while my man sat down and watched. I pushed my cock into his hole and then went inside, easily. I didn’t have a condom, his ass was completely open and hot, but I didn’t want to move or I would have come and I never do it bareback. I told the TV star to get closer and fuck my mouth again. I gave him a deep blowjob until I felt he was about to come. I stopped just in time to see him squirting on my shoulders, on his legs, on the steps. I went outside on his boyfriends ass and jerked me off on his buttocks.

We took a shower together.

Then the couple laid down naked on the big sofas outside, having some drinks: they wanted me to stay and chat but I always feel the need to end it immediately. It seemed a perfect place to relax but I preferred to stay alone and run in that beautiful day with my cock still half excited. My legs ached when I ran back but still I felt the bless of the day. Back home, under the shower, I jerked off again, reliving  the moment when my man came back into the room, naked, finding his boyfriend with his hands around my cock until it was hard, and then his tongue and finally his mouth.

Sometimes I see my man in some TV promo discovering beautiful houses around the country, and it makes me laugh thinking that he has such a big cock and want to watch his boyfriend fucked by someone else.


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