Men #40 #41 #42, the weekend in Budapest

All started with a last minute invitation to a client’s meeting in Budapest.

I decided to join and see the iconic image of the Parliament and the river. I really enjoyed the city, it is very pleasant place to walk through, with the bridges on the Danube, the landscape from the hill, the traditional restaurants, to old fashioned and relaxing spas.

It all started right in a beautiful spa, this weekend when I had everyday some of the best sex of my life.

The Men only spa, selected through the guide, was charming with its big hot pool under a vaulted rooftop, the small pools at the sides. the naked men of different generation chatting like around a table. Small tip: when they hand you some towels at the entrance, you have to take two, one to cover your cock, the other for your bum, otherwise you will end like me walking a sexy porno actress from the ’30s.

I was not looking for some encounters, but ok, it is men half naked everywhere, a balanced mix between traditional macho culture, modern broomance and evergreen sexual attraction. First I met a not very interesting man showing me his boner in the steam room, then I ended for a while laying in the hot tube close to two young guys when I got the feeling that they were staring at me. My unwanted single towel policy made me free to tease them: they seemed to appreciate. Then I started moving around the place and at least one of them was always around me: no words, no movement of the body, just quick glances. After a while just one started following me and sitting close to me: I’m still wandering if he was the chaser for the couple, or if he was the one attracted by me. We stood side by side on a bench, our legs touched, I met his eyes and then I decided that it seemed more a waste of time and I’d better keep my sex for the evening. He murmured something irritated when I moved away.

I was pretty aroused by then. I went to dinner and spent basically the whole evening on grindr, chatting with guys (more than I expected, I don’t know why I expected less), who were either busy or couldn’t accomodate. I still remember that I felt frantic and wanted to have sex, basically with whoever. I chatted with this Swiss guy, who was coming back from a guy club, passive, horny, looking for sex immediately. His pictures were unclear, he seemed nice, red hair, friendly smile. I decided to go, horny and ready to be disappointed. I went upstairs in this very old and tall and quaint building, I felt like the guy in the movies who lives abroad and go back to meet his relatives and realise how different their lives are. He opened the door and everything seemed wrong: the place was too big and old and cold and kind of creepy, he was not handsome, rather fat, different from his pictures. He went straight to his bedroom and asked me what I wanted to do, while undressing. I said I was shy, a bit tired, I really didn’t know… He was very self confident, told me that he wanted to be fucked and laid on his back, naked. I got undressed. He gave me a condom and told me to play with his ass. I did, he was wet and horny and I got excited quicker than I expected. He grabbed my cock and pushed it inside his ass and started moving. He was good. I couldn’t believe how good he was. I felt I was totally fucking him and I could do anything I wanted with his ass. It was so exciting that I was about to come soon, which is so rare for me. I stopped pushing a couple of times, that I came, till the end, totally satisfied. I went away immediately without looking back.

The next morning I got a message from a guy who was busy the night before, who really wanted to fuck. I also chatted with another guy and we agreed to meet the day after. It was mid morning and I had already 2 more dates, everything seemed too easy and unlikely. I was ready to get (or to give, I’m honest) the usual dump, but then again against my odds, both chats became dates and dates became sex.

The guy of the second date was handsome, with a beautiful toned body, shy and polite in a way that made him more attractive. We talked a bit before making out, he was from Budapest, he worked for the City Council (something related to weddings), he had spent the day with his sisters because he was sad, his dog has just died, which is why he had to say no the previous night. He was a very good kisser, he was bottom and wanted to suck me, be rimmed, be fucked. I did all that, the full active treatment. He was a generous lover. I notice that he had something with my legs, he wanted to touch them, hold them tight, lick them. After I came into his ass, we spent some time just talking on my bed – which is something I never do, but I didn’t want to push him away. He explained me his passion with legs like mine, big, hairy, muscled. He wanted to touch them again and again and it make me laugh, because I felt special all of sudden for something that I hadn’t considered before. He asked me to meet again the day after, he tried again some day later, when I was back home, he asked for more pictures, and he popped up again months later, asking if I would go back cause he still wanted to make love with me and my legs.

The next evening I decided just to walk and have some view on the city. In the main square I got hooked by two girls who pretended to need information about drinking out in the city, but they simply wanted, in a very kind and pleasant way, to understand if I was available for sex. They were also both ugly, I have to say, with ruined skin and damaged teeth. Then I met other fallen angels and got the feeling that if you are a young man walking alone in the centre you are basically a cash machine in exchange of sex.

When I went to the hotel I found several messages from the third guy. This is a huge difference between London and Budapest: in London every chat seems now or never, and if you are still waiting for someone after some days, you are a bit of a loser, in Budapest guys seem to take seriously the chance of meeting and not having sex is what makes you a loser in the end.

He was free, ready, horny. I was tired and preparing my luggage. I obviously said ok. He was a beautiful guy, a bit aggressive, like the ones who bites while kissing. He wanted to be fucked and we did it right there, in the hallway of the room, standing – oh I like this position so much – leaning on the bath’s door. I licked his ass, I fucked him, I came inside, he showered – he said he liked my top class hotel and wanted to have a shower there – he went away.

The next morning, on my flight back, I wrote these notes:

  • fat and weird, but a perfect bottom
  • nice and sweet, with a thing for my legs
  • quick, hard, good

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