Man #29, my most beautiful sex experience

Sometimes things are so good that you remember every single detail, every act, every word, every sensation and every now and then you live that moment in your mind and with your body again and again, and it is still good.

One night at Vault I had my most beautiful sex experience ever, included the ones with lovers, fiancés, the first times of something: it was casual, with someone I had never met before and I’ll never meet (or at least recognize) in the future, but still it was perfect and it gave me something that will last.

I had something to celebrate that day, a good achievement at work, I had spent the whole week working like a dog, and finally the project was successfully closed. I went with colleagues to have some beers at the pub, they wanted to stay, have dinner and drink the evening away. I decided to go to the Vault, so I said goodbye feeling a bit guilty to prefer sex over friendship.

It was not a good evening, not so many people around: I remember that I started browsing frantically to find someone, I mean, I had left a lovely atmosphere with friends, not having sex was not an option, but no, nobody interesting or nobody interesting interested in me. I believe I spent almost an hour naked, covering my boner with my right hand, walking around and not even a kiss or an initial masturbation.

I was nervous, about to admit the silliness of my decision, saying to myself that it was a lesson to be learned, then thinking that probably also the other people had gone home by now, imaging that I had still time to have a dinner in a good place, go home and browse on grindr, so five minutes more and then out.

I suddenly saw this guy, he had come in, he looked good, tall, sporty, masculine: I cannot say he was particularly handsome, but he was by far the only one attractive to me. We stayed one in front of the other for a while, he gave me some quick glare, but he was not excited yet and still looking around. I decided to go and try, I had waited too much.

Then something happened: he was approached by a guy, it came out that they were friends, they shook hands and started talking as if in Oxford street and not in a cruising bar with naked people. They talked for what seemed to me a life, they laughed, perfectly at ease and didn’t seem to notice all the other people around. Sometime both the guys looked at me, who was still in the same position, but it was just a look, unintentional, inexpressive, unwilling.

I was thinking: how long is it worth waiting, how long not noticing me becomes humiliating, are they going to have sex and in this case will I be invited?

When they finished talking, the said goodbye and took different directions. Fuck. I tried to follow my man, unsuccessfully, so I went back to the same place, five minutes more and then off. My man came back to the same place, he stared at me, he was good, very self confident, I simply got closer and touched him. He touched me back. Ok, I relaxed my muscles, I was about to have sex with someone attractive. We touched our bodies without hesitations, I played with my boner, I caressed his shoulders, his nipples and his buttocks. We kissed and it was amazing, long, wet, sweet, hard, it was a beginning and a peak, it was thanks for waiting for me, it was thanks for having finally come in this place. I was open to have sex right where we were, but I took my hand and guided me into another place, in the small and dark hallway near the dark room, in front of the black cabins. I had my back against the wall, which was cold and he leaned his back against my chest, spreading his legs to have my dick against his balls. I hugged him, he smiled happy and simply stayed there, staring at the people, provoking them to stare at us, as if saying, look how sexy we are, do you want to watch us fucking? I felt proud. He was not in an hurry to fuck, he wanted to boast our beauty, he wanted to arouse me.

I started kissing and licking his neck, his ears, I could feel with my tongue that I was giving him goose bumps, I whispered into his ear I want to fuck you.

I took my hand again, but we didn’t to go into a cabin, he drove me to the room near the bar, the one with porno movies, sofas and generally with fat or old people simply sitting there. I went down on me and started sucking while I noticed all the people that were following us, and it excited even more, particularly the guys I had said no to before.

He told me to sit down, which I did, he turned around so I could start rimming him. I heard guys around us moaning and masturbating. He gave me a condom and then he sat on me: we were completely wet, I penetrated his ass slowly and easily, he grabbed my shoulders, started moving back and forth, while we were kissing frantically, violently, insatiably. Then he stood up and sat doggy style on the sofa. I put one foot on the sofa, the other on the floor and started fucking him again. I was pushing so deep to touch his ass with my body, he moaned with pleasure every time I hit him. Men around us were coming, were trying to touch my ass, my back, his body. He didn’t care, we didn’t feel it, we were completely one inside the other, I felt I was coming, I told him so, I came on the sofa, grunting, turning his head towards me, I came inside him and we stayed there a little while, moving slowly, sweaty, dirty, showing our pleasure to everybody.

Then two things happened to me for the first time: we kissed sweetly, smiling, completely satisfied, with the same tenderness that you save for a lover. People stopped touching us, they left us alone in that moment of caring after sex.

The second thing: we went to different bathroom, when I finished washing myself he was standing in front of the other toilet, we smiled, very embarrassed, I noticed his tattoos, roman numbers, I tried to say something but nothing more than a sound came out of my mind, he told me the sex was unbelievable, I told him he was very handsome and I liked him, he told me he was from German, we said thanks, just in case we never meet again, take care, have a great life.

I still remember the waiting, the showing our body off to everybody, the eternal kissing, the excitement, the exhibitionism, the pleasure, the sweetness, the kindness, the attraction.

He was casual sex in a bleak place, but still he gave me something strong to my body that dug a wrinkle in my memory.

I really hope you are having a great life.

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