Man #71, the unattractive one with the book

This is a sexual encounter that proves true two stereotypes: the ugly one are best sexual partners because they try harder to give pleasure, and that when we meet someone in real life we are less picky than online.

I was taking part to a fancy convention in a beautiful Italian city: smart people well dressed, lots of public relationships, posh hotel room, free food and potential hook ups. Slightly disappointing the gay scene, though: probably a professional field with not so many gays or with people in the closet? Probably so.

One morning I was having breakfast enjoying the view on the beach and the sea, the light wind which was moving the trees outside of a late summer day, the moment when September seems to slow down by keeping August by hand, tasting morning Italian food, which for me means anything that goes well with cappuccino, and reading a book for total and blessed pleasure. I had my grindr profile on, looking for some man to spend the morning with, before the afternoon working session. No one around in the hotel, only people in the city who were already at work and for whom probably September was already running towards October. I lingered on my table just in time to finish a chapter, quite raptured by the plot of an Israeli family in modern Tel Aviv. Finally I decided to go back to my room and go on reading on the balcony, enjoying the sun. I browsed in the hall watching the sculptures and paintings of local artists, then waited for the lift with the book in my hand, using my finger as bookmark. A middle-aged man was already standing waiting for the lift, smiled at me and kept the door open for me to let me in. He was wearing a suit with tie, leather shoes, with a tall and large, chubby body. When we were inside, he looked at the book and said merrily I love this book. Nevo is one of my favourite authors. Oh really, I replied, I am finding it so catching. Yes indeed, my bookseller recommended it to me, she never fails. Have you read something else? He asked with a door inside and one already on his floor. That. Same. I heard the movie is going to be out soon. Cannot wait. Enjoy your book then. I reached my room lighthearted, took off my shoes, my skirt and went outside taking with me the book and the phone. A message appeared on telegram from a profile I didn’t know. An empty profile. No details. I politely replied. He asked me if I was in the hotel, and I confirmed. He asked if I was the guy with the book. This is thrilling, I thought. I confirmed again. So he was into me, I had no clue. He had simply given me the idea of a distinguished, chatty, cultured not sexual man. On the contrary, he was very well determined. You wanna come to my room and talk about the book? I do appreciate people who are clever and smart in obtaining what they want. But I didn’t feel the faintest attraction for him. I like playing though. How you like reading a book? You behind me. But then you will not see the book. I will look at it using the mirror. I smiled, without sharing my passion for mirrors. Would you like it? It sounds interesting, I admitted. Are you coming? Not really. He didn’t insist. I went on reading, appreciating the conversation. The sun was getting hotter and the summer feeling more vibrating. After an hour or so, I texted again. Still in your room? Yes, I have nothing to do before lunch. I am going to attend a meeting in an hour. Nice. Not really, I would prefer having you here. Really? Yes, I noticed you in the breakfast room and then In the hall. How long am I able to resist to flattery? Not that long, apparently. So you are inviting me to read together? Of course, bring the book, I have everything else. I watched the screen undecided, in the space between of not feeling attracted but also feeling interest. Are you coming? I don’t know. Come, we can talk, then you can decide what you feel like doing. Which room? I went out of my room without second thoughts.

When I entered a room, he was standing in the middle of the room, next to a mirrored wardrobe. He was still wearing the jacket, the tie, trousers, shoes. He approached me with shyness, wanting to touch me but also with the fear of being rejected. I don’t have the book with me, I said, we should use the mirror in another way. He lightly touched me my bulge, I nodded, I got more secure and put his hand inside my trousers, unbuttoning my jeans, taking them off and lowering my briefs to my ankles. He kneeled and started giving me head. He was exceptionally good. I got surprised by how warm and wet seemed his mouth. I took his head and put my cock inside his mouth as slow or quick or as deep as I wanted. He took off his jacket and tie still with giving me the blowjob. I nearly made my coming in a couple of minutes, so I stopped him, not knowing if it was right to just come into his mouth so quickly. He stood, lowered his nice trousers, and with the white shirt on and long black socks on, he turned around, bent over grabbing a coffee table and told me to fuck him. I spit on my fingers and put them inside his ass effortlessly. I fucked him standing there, half dressed half naked, looking at his big and soft butts, and watching my body moving in the mirror. I was probably on the violent side of sex, but he was asking me to go on, moaning with deep pleasure, which made me come quickly. He was pleased to see my sperm in the condom, to know that his ass had my coming. He finally got totally naked showing his not attractive body to get a shower before work. I went out as quickly as everything else I have done in the room. He texted again in the evening, just wanting to know if I had spent a nice day and I politely asked him back.

A year later he told me he was attending a convention in my city and wanted to be fucked again in his hotel room. I simply said yes and did what he wanted. I found him laying on the bed, naked. I kneeled on top of him and fucked him, keeping him down firm and strong. Again I came effortlessly with pure excitement. He was still naked laying on the bed with an expression of pleasure when I went out without quickly and sneaky. The evening he texted again and I politely replied.

I love anonymous sex without attraction, sunny breakfast on the beach, Nevo stories about the complicated beauty of sentiments.

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