Man #70, the one who can ask me anything he wants

I met this guy, this beautiful man, in his mid- forties, half Italian, half French, in a orgy of four. It is the one I described as men 66, 67 and 68. I could not imagine that day would have given me so much sexual pleasure for months. Pleasure from the couple who organized the group and who are now frequent sex friends of mine and from the man of this story, whom I met 4 times since then.

The day after the orgy I started thinking of him: I was completely thrilled by his way of moving his body, of kissing, of being sucked, of being fucked. I am not obsessed by the stereotype of bottom guys with a very big dick, but this is exactly who he is. I exit the house of my friends thinking of him like a teen at the end of a party. I barely knew his name, no other clues. I decided to try and ask the couple if they could send me his contact. They weren’t so willing to give me his number: it was a mix of discretion – we have to ask – of power – we want to organize again, then you will ask yourself – of jealousy – you wanna meet him alone?

I had to use all my diplomacy and irony, and definitely some liars, to finally got the number. I remember I was at the gym, and I texted him right away: ciao, it is me, we had sex some days ago with that couple. I hope you don’t mind if I asked to have your number.

I was looking for you, was the reply.

The rest was a daily courting in chat until we finally met. It didn’t happen quickly. We discovered we had something in common: to prepare the sex, to exchange fantasies, to talk and to listen, to command and to obey. He told me he wanted to prepare our meeting as a movie director and asked me if I was ready to be his actor. I started jerking off in the anticipation of his fantasies, which became immediately mine.

As I said we met four times. Two in a row, then we got a long pause when he got engaged and another pause due to covid. We always met at his place, a minimalistic, white apartment, always perfectly clean and neat.

The first time he wanted to undress me right in the corridor and bring me naked to his bedroom while he was still with his shirt and trousers. We kissed and licked all our body, every part of it, almost violently, using the tongue as a sword which can produce pleasure. But most of all, we talked and talked and talked: we said each other how much we had desired to be alone, just the two of us, instead of four, how we couldn’t stop staring each other while having sex with the other two, the passion we felt for our bodies, the impatience for our turn to suck each other without letting the others down, the jealousy of watching someone else moving their cock inside our ass, the need to say something that we could not say. It was like having sex watching a movie of us having sex but through a different lens, not the one of reality but the one of the mind. We fucked each other more times. Even if his cock was huge, I was so wet that he could penetrate my ass all the times he wanted. We came just telling each other that we had imagined and longed for this moment while having sex with other people. We felt like two lovers cheating in a relationship that we didn’t even have. I remember we kissed tenderly after sex, which is something I never do outside of the couple.

The second time he texted me what he wanted while I was coming to his apartment. He had imagined to be naked on the bed, with just his jockstrap, waiting for me. The main door was left ajar for me, and he texted me the instructions to close it properly, with the accuracy and precision also visible in the apartment. I had to enter the room naked and start eating his ass right away, playing with tongue and fingers as long as I wanted: he had texted me he was crazy by the way I had rimmed his ass the last time. He wanted to be subdued, possessed by me and that was what happened. He was amazing as a total bottom, he just came barely touching himself while I was inside his ass, pushing harder and harder. He wanted my cum on his face, watching my eyes during the pleasure.

Then almost one year passed, when we just texted for Xmas, new years wishes and some friendly chit chat. He told me he was seeing someone and wanted to give this guy a try, even if relationships were difficult for him. I admit I provoked him through texting, never sending any pics: he was turned on by images created by words, just like me. One day he told me that it was impossible for him to resist any longer, he wanted to have sex with me again and again. He had something in his mind. He seemed more shy this time in sharing, like he wasn’t sure I would have appreciated his instructions. I told him that I wanted to stay with him so much that I was open to anything: I would have gone to his place and there I would have discovered what he wanted from me. We started playing with our bodies, we had a long session of mutual rimming where I felt his hard and large dick bouncing on my chest when I kept pushing my tongue inside his body. We then changed position and I asked him what I could do for him. He asked me back if I ever use tools. I said no but I smiled and I told him to show me what he wanted. He jumped off the bed and took from a drawer a big dildo, black, with double penis at the end. I am sure there is a name for it that I don’t know: double dildo?

He told me to fuck him with it while he was sucking my dick. I was very cautious at the beginning, the dildo was so big, I was scared to hurt him. I wasn’t doing no harm. I was giving him pleasure and I learnt to push it deeper and faster. He asked me to stop when he was about to come and told me to try. I had had just one experience with a dildo when I was like 25 yo, and stop: I was younger and it was not so big. He promised me to be kind and smooth. I started in the doggy position and I discovered with surprise and with an unexpected embarrassment that I could be fucked as much and strong as he wanted. He then moved my body to fuck me in the spoon position and whispered to my ear if I was willing to try the double dildo, we both bottom at the same time. I wanted to explore every side of his fantasies and I felt we were arriving at the place that he had had in his mind since the beginning. We both stayed in the doggy position and put the dildo in our asses. We started moving back and forth, penetrating each other deeper with the movement. I was grabbing his feet, he was taking my hands. He instructed me to open my ass more and more, until we felt the skin of our asses touching each other and my body and my mind exploded. I had to stop, not because I felt pain, but because I could not image myself in that position for a long time. We fucked each other and I don’t remember how we ended it, I just remember us lying completely sweated and exhausted with the sticky smell of sex around us. The rest of the room was as beautiful as a design magazine.

Then 2020 happened and we forgot each other until I saw him in a group photo of a friend of mine, celebrating an hiking in the mountains. We then went back to texting and he told me again a fantasy of him. He had imagined everything, where I had to undress, where I should wash my hands, the lights I had to switch off, the doors that had to be closed, his position in the bedroom, naked, lying on his stomach, blindfolded. He had written me exactly what he wanted me to do and I did, step by step, enjoying every part of his body, whispering in his ears “is this what you like?”, getting pleasure from his pleasure, from the scene that he had in his mind and that I was playing for him, that I was telling him again and again, making him come in the way he wanted.

When I am with him I am blind too and I am scared by how strongly his words can guide me and take me to a dimension where pleasure mingle with devotion.

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