Man #47, the married one who cannot get enough

I’ve just been texting with this guy for half an hour, talking about sex. He is one of the most uninhibited person I have ever met.

I believe we got in touch 3 years ago on scruff: in my mind scruff is the app mainly for gay bears, or muscled/bears or bears chasers. Neither of us belongs to these categories, it is simply that I have all the main gay apps and open them in different countries to understand which is the most popular to have sex.

He invited me to his house soon after we chatted: it was early morning, I was cycling to work, I had to wait his partner to go working and then I could go in. If you are wondering whether this situation embarrasses me or turns me on, it turns me on. Nice house, white furniture, some geeky stuff around, he is one of the guys who asks you to take your shoes off as soon as you are on the threshold.

He was not very tall, older than me, definitely a regular gym trainer, with colored tattoos on his legs and arms. We started kissing on his couch, I felt he had my same passion for long and passionate foreplay. We went to his room upstairs, we had good sex, I fucked him from above, holding him and kissing him: I still remember that his skin got red on the cheeks, chest, arms out of intense pleasure while I was fucking. We had an orgasm almost at the same time. A very nice fuck, a great start in the morning: then he went to the kitchen to have a coffee and I went cycling to work.

I don’t remember who got in touch again to have a second meeting, probably it was him because in my first notes I seem satisfied but a bit neutral, more willing to meet the next in line.

Second time, same scene: in the morning, cycling, shoes off, kissing, fucking upstairs. This time I rimmed him a lot and he rimmed me back: have I already said that getting rimmed is one of the thing that drives me crazier? Even if I seldom want to be fucked after that. I fucked him again, he asked me to go inside bareback, I did it just at the beginning that we used a condom and we came again at the same time.

We had a quick talk after sex, in his kitchen where I stayed for the coffee. He told me that he was married, they got married with his Italian husband in New York with both families and few friends. Sometimes they meet guys together for a threesome, but most of the time he meets them alone, or organizes a threesome but not with his husband. We decided to stay in touch with whatsapp. He texted me later in the day to tell me how much he was still excited and how bad he wanted to feel me inside his ass again. He really liked dirty talking, which is a game that I don’ start, but always play. I asked him to organize a threesome with someone and he sent me a couple of videos with his sex sessions: in one the other guy – very dark, hairy and muscular – was slapping his ass very strong in front of a mirror.

The third time it was the two of us again. and we started dirty talking also while doing it: we switched from the 69 sucking our cocks to the one rimming our asses, he told me that he couldn’t resist my way of having sex, he wanted to give pleasure in any way.

It was probably the fourth time when we clicked something and we reached something I would call a sexual harmony. After a long foreplay, he played with my ass so well and so much I felt his strong desire to penetrate me. He did it. He started fucking me from above, sucking my feet, then I wanted to change position and sat on top of him moving my body, then we changed again, I was completely wet and open at that moment, so he laid down and I sat opposite on him, showing him my back and my buttocks and I kept moving, while he was telling me that I was a bitch, that I needed to be fucked hard, until we were about to come. Then we stopped and we laid down kissing and jerking off each other.

In all the following sex intercourse we followed the same plot, one rimming the other, one fucking the other, generally he started fucking and then it was my turn, since I want to come inside. One time something really exciting and surprising happened. He was fucking me in a “face off” position and while we were moving and  kissing, I came without touching, covering his bell with my sperm. We are still talking about this moment, he says it was one of the greatest satisfaction of his sexual life, I told him that it had happened to me very rarely, I never told him that it was my first time.

Then we followed the path of regular lovers. We sent each other sexual tests to check if we could fuck bareback. We met regularly, considering that we are both engaged or married. We even tried to organize sex with his husband: I approached him on scruff, we chatted, we swapped pictures, but he liked sex with very young guys, only under 30 y.o..

Sometimes it happens that we cannot meet for months, but he never stops to text me his fantasies and his attraction towards me, which makes me feel really good. Today he told me that he wants to go to a sauna together and fuck in front of everybody and let someone join if they want. I’m surprised that he goes in sauna in the city where he and his husband live, but he seems pretty confident, he says that everybody knows that what happens in the sauna stays in the sauna. Gossiping is not allowed. Is it true? He told me about all the orgies that he is having in this period. I told him that my fantasy is to record us while we are naked and fucking.

Next time we will be in a sauna or in his bed recording the scene.

He is in a way a friend. We talk also about personal stuff via chat or after sex, like work, living in a big city, travels, being in a couple, movies. I asked him a suggestion when I decided to tattoo. We exchange best wishes at Christmas.

One Sunday morning me and my fiancée were in a stylish and hipster place to have brunch. I saw my lover and his husband from the window, I watched them walking into the restaurant and then coming to sit right next to us. We both smiled briefly, not directly to each other, but more at the place, like someone who is simply enjoying a blessed Sunday out.

He is a lover, is a friend, he made me feel new sensations, we are completely honest one to the other, but if we meet in the street we are two completely strangers to protect what we have.


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