Man #35, the very hung one from the shower to the steam room

Saying that size matters is not really true to me: I got crazy for very average guys. Saying that it doesn’t it is not totally true to me either. It is like money and happiness: the first can make the second, but it doesn’t make it by default.

I’m home now, and I’ve just finished blowing off one of the biggest and hardest cock I’ve ever seen: that was so exciting that I didn’t even need this guy to reciprocate to come.

It all started months ago in the gym, where we meet each other quite often: he is older than me, small, toned, with a sullen look, nothing that really got my interest. Then I started meeting him in the shower, where we often ended one in front of the other and he started showing me his ass, washing it very carefully with his fingers, and his cock. He didn’t need to have a real erection to show me how hung he is. I had more than once a full erection just watching his big cock while he stayed there, staring at me, touching his cock, masturbating gently.

When we happened to change in the lockers nearby he liked to stay naked next to me as long as he could, while I had to put at least my briefs on or I would end up walking with a boner in front of everybody. He seemed enigmatic, totally in control, willing to play in a sexual but yet detached way. I like sex to be visual and not only physical, but I wanted to touch his erection, to fuck him or be fucked as he would ask me to do.

One day I was taking a lift to go to a client’s meeting and I saw him with his colleagues. It was weird, we briefly smiled without saying a word. I found him on Grindr and teased him. No reply. He had a profile with just the pic, height and weight. Nothing else.

We met again and again in the shower, we both did our best to stay alone as long as we could, we always enjoyed each other body. After the gym I tried more than once to get in touch with him on Grindr – I had him in my favorites by then – and sometimes he just said hi and nothing else, sometimes nothing at all.

One evening I saw him in the shower, got very excited and started masturbating in the shower so fast that I was about to come right there, in front of him, with the water pouring on my head and shoulders and legs. He said in a low voice that he wanted to see me coming, to watch my sperm squirting and mixing with the water.

I stopped: I’m honest, I don’t have a note about that moment, I don’t remember if we got interrupted or if I didn’t want to fulfill the desire of this guy who didn’t even reply to messages. The same evening on Grindr I asked why I didn’t answer and he told me that he was sorry, but really didn’t feel like meeting someone in this period. He just wasn’t in the right mood. Why? No answer.

So in my mind he became just a not particularly handsome but definitely sexually attractive – I’m talking about the size of his cock – guy I could play with in the shower. Was he even partially attracted by me or did he just like enjoy playing, exhibiting, watching? No way to say.

Then today. I saw him in the training room, we were far, we didn’t watch each other. I went to the locker room and decided to relax and find someone in the steaming room. I met him while I was walking with my swimsuit, he seemed in a hurry and stared at me: was he willing to meet me in the shower? Well, I didn’t want to come back, I wanted something more than just watching.

In the steam room I stayed alone for a while, I got relaxed, eased my mind and was about to go out when he came in. He said hi, I smiled. I bet he wanted to play with me. He sat in the step above me, at the other side, so that we were far but could watch each other easily. 

I didn’t move at the beginning, I didn’t want to start. I wanted him badly, but I wanted him to show me his desire, his attraction, his excitement. Part of me was also scared of doing something sexual and getting no answer.

I didn’t move, didn’t touch any part of my body, didn’t stare at him too directly. He opened his legs and laid against the wall. Still I didn’t move. He stood up and then sat again in the step above me, this time by my side, right over me.

Oh, so he wanted badly to play, right there.

Come on man, do something, I’m already excited, you can ask me anything, but I’m not starting. 

He finally touched his swimsuit and his dick inside and that was the start. Few second later we had our cock out, as hard as they get, we watched each other, we started jerking off. I put my hand under his arm, he showed me his full erection grabbing his balls and bouncing his boner against his abs. I believe his dick is 22cm.

I couldn’t resist, briefly watched if there was someone nearby the sauna, and then opened my mouth to have his cock inside of me. He touched gently my head and I felt his erection against my tongue, checks, throat. When I stopped he leaned towards me and started jerking me off.

But I haven’t had enough of his cock, I wanted to taste it as much as I could. I started blowing him again, and again, stopping, breathing and then starting again, I could hear my heart thumping, and I could also hear his breath getting heavier, his voice moaning out of pleasure. I imagined myself opening my legs and sitting on his cock, so hard and big, and getting fucked, while he was laying down and I was the one moving, until I could feel his sperm.

I was still blowing him while he stopped me, he just had to touch his cock a couple of times and he came. He had so much sperm that I guess it was a while since he had last came: he had it on his bell, legs, balls, swimsuit. I took it with my fingers and used it to come.

He washed his body and went away rather soon. I had to wait longer to walk again without embarrassment. 

We were one next to the other in the shower and in the locker room. 

We smiled. We wished good evening.

I’m not trying to reach him on Grindr, I don’t want a no reply, I have just had from him more than I have ever had from anybody. 


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