Man #28, the handsome, rich and aggressive one

That morning I collected the blood test, everything was perfect, I felt in the mood to celebrate. I was slowly going to work cycling in the pleasant hours of a spring morning, it was a busy week for some fashion something in town and I was alternatively looking at the street, at the people around and at guys on Grindr.

I cannot remember who of us approached first the other, but after a while I stopped pedalling, I leant against a bus stop and was swapping naked pics. The guy seemed pretty resolute and in a hurry. He had some hours off before going back to a fashion event, I was very close, alone in his hotel room. He believe there was no problem for me to go straight to his room and gave me the address, it rang a bell, but I wasn’t paying attention to details.

I ended up in one of the most luxurious hotel in town, so exclusive that it never crossed my mind to go in. I was slightly anxious to look out of place, both for the place and for the other guy. I looked at my bikers outfit, took a breath, went inside looking for the lift. A very elegant man asked me how he could help me, obviously such a place means such a service, I told him which floor I was going to, he took me to the lift, asked me if I had a card, I had no, he didn’t ask anything else and used his card to bring me up. So a very elegant man was taking me to have casual sex in one of the room, such a service.

I went to the room of the man and I was equally interested to the man and the room and liked them both. The man was masculine, posh, with a perfectly trimmed beard, rather tall and sporty, a smart dress. A quick chat from me and he started undressing without touching me, or me touching him, or even asking if I felt like doing it. I undressed myself, I was already kneeling on the bed, touching his cock to make it hard. I went on the bed and we started playing with our nipples, I got an hard boner before I did, took my head and pushed me down. His cock was dark, hairy, big and I started sucking him with pleasure. I started moaning very excited, taking my head down, which I like, and then slapping my butts, which I don’t really like. I stopped and told him to suck me, he said no and asked me something that I didn’t get, then asked it again and finally grabbed me from the shoulders and pushed me laying in the bed. I started masturbating myself while he put his knees around my neck and push his cock in my mouth. While I was sucking he pushed it deeper and deeper making me choke, I stopped when I couldn’t suck anymore and then started again. I felt excited, dirt and crushed, couldn’t understand if I wanted to do it this way or not. I was grunting and moving faster and faster, I got scared that he was going to come deep into my mouth and I couldn’t help swallowing. I pushed him aside, told him he couldn’t come that way, so he spread my legs, grab his cock, my cock started masturbating them both. He moved over me like fucking me which was exactly how I felt. He was rude and fast, my cock ached, he spit on them, I felt under his total control. I came. He came over me till the end.

He walked directly to the bathroom and told me to follow me. I was already in the shower, which was big like my bedroom, with the water coming from everywhere, lights, nice stones on the floor. We stayed there, washing ourselves and finally talking a bit, or better he said a few things that I didn’t get again, I was still shaken by the sex we just had.

Then I we dressed up again, me with my bikers jersey and him with his suit. He saw me to the door, he seemed different now from the person I had sex with. We said hello shaking hands.

Downstairs the guys at the desk said hi and wished me a pleasant day.

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