Man #22, the one from the past who gives instructions

Sometimes you believe that the gay sex world is a long straight (ironically) road where you travel, meet people, have fun and go on. Some other times you believe that it is more a circle or a loop, where you meet new people, but at a certain point you start going back and meet the same ones over and over again.

So this is what happened to me.

Years ago, and I’m talking of at least 8 years, I met a guy using gayromeo, there were no apps as far as I remember, or at least I hadn’t any in my not sexually useful Nokia. I went to his home, a very posh apartment, particularly compared with my shared bedroom, we chatted a bit and we had sex on his white sofa. The sex was ok, I really wanted to be fucked since I was mostly bottom at the time and basically I asked him to do it, but he didn’t. It made me feel awkward and I went away with the unpleasant feeling that he really didn’t like me.

Nothing more for years and then.

I get hooked by this man on Grindr, who want to have sex with a top, he seems ok, I decide to go. His profile picture kind of rings a bell, but I don’t know which bell. The he tells me the location of his apartment and I suddenly start thinking of the other guy, because it is in a building by a famous architect and I know I had already been there for sex. I buzz his apartment and he texts me the floor and the instruction for sex: the door is open, I go in, I undress apart from briefs, and I wait for him to come and blow me. As soon as I go in I see the white sofa and I know for sure that we had already had sex. I follow the instruction and I feel awkward for a different reason this time: I’m naked in someone’s home without knowing where this someone is and at the same time I wonder if he will recognize me and will like me more this time. The answers to my doubts are: more or less and definitely yes. He quickly looks at me, kneels in front of me, undresses me completely and start sucking my cock soft in one of the best blowjob of my life. I wonder if he wants to start and finish it that way, he does. He just pulls away when I start coming into his mouth, and I’m careful to not come on his sofa. While I dress up again, he offers me something to drink and ask me: do we know each other? I decided to say no, probably because I wasn’t pleased with the previous experience and didn’t want him to remind of a time when he didn’t like me.

Then, out of my expectations we become something between casual sex mates and lovers. We do it again, and again and again, imagine one every month for a year, which is somehow more frequent than sex in settled couples. He just changes the instructions that he likes to give me and I like to obey. Door open, I go in, get fully undressed, walk into his bedroom where he is waiting for me with an erection, I lay down, he blows me, I come into his mouth, he goes into the bathrooms and spits, I go into the bathroom and away. The only change is when he stops blowing to take some popper, which I never use, I play with his nipples and then we kiss, he laying down on me and I feel his cock between my legs.

I think now both of us know what we want in sex, we had just done it the wrong way previously, but casual sex gifted us with a good second chance that we didn’t waste.

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