Boy #9, the one I could have fallen in love with

I believe I will never forget the thrilling of kissing him. I got from his pics that he was rather nice, but he was also discreet so I had just one pic and that was all.

We met one late evening, probably after 23. He lived in a beautiful little square close to Hyde Park, but his apartment was in a basement and he hated it: it was dark, with low ceiling, old fashioned. We went to his bedroom and I could see him properly. He was definitely handsome, beautiful features, a kind smile. He was shorter than me, not particularly fitted, but masculine and “healthy”. He was shy in a way, as I am, so we started talking to warm the situation up and feel more at ease. He worked in something related to entertainment, used to travel frequently to Paris, I have no idea where he was from, I believe from UK. None of us could decide to make the first move, our first touching was rather awkward. We went very slow, we spent a lot of time in doing foreplay completely dressed. I could have stayed kissing him the whole night, his lips were tasty, we held each other tight and finally undressed. He was more bottom, so I laid over him, spread his legs and put my dick between them. I started moving without penetration, just kissing and caressing his body. I liked his shoulders. He sucked me for a while, I couldn’t help watching him and thinking how exciting he was. I had to stop him before coming too quickly. I sucked him, but he didn’t have a full erection, he was more excited when passive.

I felt kind of worried when I saw that he was losing his hard on, but he said it was ok, to go on. We both came after a long time made of sex, foreplay during sex, kissing. We also stayed awhile naked in bed: this is something that really embarrasses me with a stranger, but I didn’t want to go away. When we said goodbye it was around 1, the morning after I felt exhausted but couldn’t stop thinking of him. We tried to organize another time, but we were both so busy and he was often abroad, until he cancelled his profile and I could not reach him anymore.

One evening I went to watch a French gay movie for a festival at Leicester Square, I was alone and the movie was ok. At the end I sat down on a bench to figure out where to go next and I saw him with 3 friends. They were all about the same age and I wondered if one of them was his boyfriend. Then one of the actors joined the group and they all seemed very pleased. I stayed there watching this handsome guy, thinking when I was naked over him, spreading his legs. I felt lucky to have met him once, I cannot say that he was the best sex, but it was an experience of beauty.

Months later I had another chance to have sex with him, but I was leaving on holidays and couldn’t do it. Moreover I was really afraid to fall in love. I so wanted courting him.

Is the instinct to stay and dwell stronger to the one to have fun and go?

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