Boy #3, near Royal Oak

He had an ambiguous pic on Grindr, one of those you cannot understand if he is fit and cool or just very far and with a good light. Anyway the description sounded interesting and he was always online, so I guessed always horny. He said that he was a marathoner, so I decided to meet him even if he didn’t like to send clearer pics. 9 times out of 10 it means that the physical appearance is not the other person’s forte. He shared the apartment with another guy, so when he told he was alone I decided to go.

He was Irish, not particularly handsome, not particularly fit. The apartment was completely dark, it was late in the night, it was summer and I was horny, so decided to stay and have sex anyway. We went to his bedroom, we started kissing, he was good at it, and if kissing is ok, I cannot stop. We got undressed, masturbating each other. The window was completely open, no curtains and I noticed that there were people in the apartment across the street, smoking on a terrace and speaking spanish. They could not probably see us, too far, some trees, but I wanted to stop. I said something, he didn’t get it and we started doing a 69. His cock was ok, but his ass was better, so I started rimming him. He did the same with mine and we spent minutes rimming each other, no fingers, just tongue and spit, feeling the air of a summer night on our skin and foreign people laughing nearby.

Finally I sat on my knees and he blew me until I came on his chest. He came immediately afterwards.

I dressed up, he turned the light on and I noticed a beautiful bicycle in the living room. He asked me to meet again and we did it. For a while he became a casual lover more for convenience than attraction, never a penetration, but the sex was always good.

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