Boy #26, first time with a chinese guy

I believe it is a rather common experience to change house in London and once you are in a new neighbourhood you have new contacts on Grindr and the old ones are suddenly a bit too far considered they are unknown people.

Anyway apart from sex I have at least another deep passion, which is breakfast. I don’t mind taking the bus to go where I can have a proper breakfast, particularly in London when the cappuccino is often too hot, the espresso unforgivably bad and the croissant too big and “bready”.

So every now and then I got to this little café between Notting Hill and High Street Kensington, which is run by a nice Italian guy who treats coffee like something simple and good that you deserve at the beginning of your day.

I was having a cappuccino, a sunny Saturday morning, pleasant and chill, watching people on the street and browsing guys on Grindr. A guy with a nice chest and no face pic said hi, I noticed that we have already chatted, we have already defined roles (me top, him bottom), we have already swapped naked pics.

I’m home, it is like 200 meters from where you are, do you wanna come? I’m horny.

Honestly, the real reason why I said yes was that I have never been with a Chinese guy and I wanted to feel a different skin, a different smell, a different sensation with my tongue.

I remember 3 things of that morning before sex.

He lived in a very big building and in the hall I met an old lady, limping, with heavy shopping bags. I asked her if she needed an help, she said yes, I took her bags and we went together in the lift. She lived at the same floor of my guy and while I was walking through the corridor I imagined me seeing the guy, dropping the bags with big surprise of the guy and the lady, and fucking the guy soon after.

The second thing was that his apartment was posh, with extremely beautiful furniture, big plants for apartments, a big table of glass: in all this beauty the glass of white wine that he offered me was rather appropriate, but so surprising considering the time of day that I still remember it.

The third thing was how smooth was his body, like no hair was allowed to grow ever, so that I decided to lick all his body, from his mouth to his feet.

We went into his bedroom, tiny (why so tiny) with suits hanging around us, he laid on his stomach, grabbed the pillow and spread his legs. I licked his shoulders, his back, pushing my boner against his ass, moving slowly. He felt he wanted it as bad as I did. I licked his ass and then went down to his legs, but he spread his legs even more, so I knew he didn’t want to wait. I rimmed this guy as long as I heard him moaning with pleasure. He was so wet at the end that I just needed to push my cock a bit and then we were fucking. I was with my knees around his ass, dominating him, which is a position that my hurt my erection, but he was so open that I could move with pleasure. I came inside him, grabbing his hips. When he turned around I noticed that he had already come and it made me feel good.

In a way I envy guys who can come just for the fact of being fucked, without touching themselves.

We chatted a bit, he told me that he worked in finance at Canary Wharf, we decided to meet again.

Months later, another Saturday, we fucked again, this time he laying on his back with his feet on my shoulders. It was nice, but it was like we had enough chemistry just for one time and it was not really worth to try again. In the following months we said hi on grindr, we teased each other, but none of us mentioned of seeing again.

Finally he contacted me to tell me that he was going to move, but I do not remember if he was changing place in London, or city or country. He told me that I was among his favorites and that we was deleting them. I had already done the same thing right after the second time we had sex.

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on “Boy #26, first time with a chinese guy
One Comment on “Boy #26, first time with a chinese guy
  1. Your story reminded me of a Chinese guy I hooked up with some years ago – initially it was mutual masturbation only, and he denied he was bisexual. Despite that, he kept asking me back and our physical relationship grew to the point we were having full sex. He was the only guy I ever felt like I could enjoy a deeper relationship with, but he struggled with accepting his sexuality and we drifted apart.

    A few years later, he emailed to say he had “come out” and would I like to hook up. By that time, I was seeing someone and was doing the monogamy thing and had to decline. I still occasionally wonder where he is now.

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