Boy #21, the one who asked to be waited for in a dark room

Devil is in the details, they say. But to me memory is in the details and even interest/intrigue rely heavily upon them.

I was out of London for work, weekend included, alone, spring, alive and kicking: all the ingredients to have fun. I browsed the whole day browsing through the city, then I went straight to the local sauna at the end of the afternoon, between the closing time of museums and the decent time to have dinner.

I probably felt so sure about going to a sauna because I didn’t want to spend too much time trading sex on Grindr (I got the feeling the people in that country is not very resolute, it takes time to have sex), I didn’t want to spend too much money on roaming (saunas are good for gay tourists, marketing people think about this) and felt reassured by the good reviews on Patroc (yes, it is not only Tripadvisor, it is a mindset for whatever).

The place was by far better and cleaner than the London likes, not so crowded as I expected, but I had immediately a couple of intercourses, satisfying even without coming. Then nothing happened for a while and I felt unsettled: should I consider it done or is just the moment of coming that puts an end to it? I entered into a dark hallway full of cabins intending to stand there (as I learnt top guys do) for a while before going out for good. As soon as I was in I noticed a guy who could fit the purpose, as long as you can tell it in the dark. Not tall, not toned but neither “not toned”, young, I supposed in his early twenties, with a small earring and a small tattoo. I stopped in front of him and we started watching each other.

This is the first detail I vividly remember: he was chewing and I could smell some mint.

I thought, oh, this is gentle, the very fact of taking care of one’s breath even in a sauna and then I also thought, well probably he likes kissing, this is good, it turns me on like anything else. You spend hours training in the gym, taking care of abs to attract men, and then you choose a guy among all the others just for the smell of mint and the promise of kissing. I cannot remember who started it, but he moved towards a darker place and then we got rid rid of the towels and yes, kissed, grabbed each other’s dick and kissed, grabbed our buttocks (me stronger than him, just to be clear about it) and kissed more. His dick and his ass were the best part of him, it may sound gross, but it is true. We moved into a “place” with a curtain and a mattress and he started blowing me. I fingered him slowly and softly, I kind of wanted him to really like it and feel as if I cared. He blew and kissed, which to me is what only good lovers can do. Then someone half-opened the curtain to enjoy the show and he immediately sent him away. He said something I didn’t get, I wasn’t even sure if he was talking or was someone else in another place, but he said it again in German and I asked him to speak English. He felt embarrassed and in a very bad bad english he asked me if I had rent a cabin. So in this sauna you could rent private cabins, I wasn’t aware of this (I mentioned it in my review of the place, it may be useful). He went on talking but it was so difficult to understand him, he gesticulated, tried to pick up the right words, some were meaningless, some were in german.

I clearly remember this other detail: him standing on his knees to find concentration, clutching his fist and then biting it out of frustration.

He was so sweet and spontaneous that he blew my mind away. I touched his hips, almost caressing him, and smiled, saying no worries, we can stay here, I don’t mind. I asked where he came from, just to distract him and he said he was Austrian. Then I finally got what he wanted to say and if you consider that we were in the dark room of a sauna with our dick hard, it took a bit of patience and a lot of interest. He was with a friend, they had rent a cabin together, now his friend was using it, could I wait 15 minutes so we could have a better place? The craziest thing is that he said “can you wait here for 15 minutes? I tried to convince him to do it right there, but he seemed to want it so badly that against all odds I said yes, I will wait for you right in the dark room.

Third detail: him going out of the place naked, turning back and saying 15 with his hands, first two then one, to be sure I understand. He did this gesture more than once.

While I was standing in the dark and people tried to approached me, I felt so dumb at the very idea of waiting for someone I didn’t know in such a place. The probability of him coming back were not so high in a place where everybody want to have sex with anybody and it would have been a bad way of ending the day. At the same time I felt also pleased as if something more intense was happening to me. Finally I saw him coming back, not running but at least trotting, sweet, taking my wrist, saying no cabin and driving me back again to “our” place.

This is the final detail that struck me: he was chewing again, threw it in a can and when he kissed me again and I clearly smelled that he had smoked pot, but still wanted his breath to be good for me. He told me with the best english so far: I want you to lick my ass. When you have a motivation, you know the words.

I did it of course and the rest was very good sex that I don’t need to describe, because this is not what is still in my mind. If I close my eyes, I still see and feel the mint, the fist in his mouth, the amazed waiting, the kiss with the pot and the mint again. I bet they will last long.

I don’t know anything about this guy, but wherever he is now, I hope is happy, because he was sweet.

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