Boy #15, the guy who seemed too messy to be hot

It was an ordinary after work, before dinner evening and I was doing some shopping at Waitrose, where I go sometimes to treat myself well and buy some Italian products.

I saw in a aisle a pretty handsome man, he looked more like a FILF than a gay 40something, but nonetheless I decided to have a look at Grindr and see if it was my lucky shopping. It was not. I got a message from another guy instead, someone who had already tried to get in touch other time following the same strange pattern: hi, pic, pic xxx, location, disappear.

I got his pics again (I suppose some people delete the history every end of day, just to feel sexually reborn each morning after), always the same (I suppose some people have a folder dedicated to Grindr, which makes sense to save time, but I still don’t want to organize specifically something around this app) and wanted to meet. He lived right in front of Waitrose, he was totally bottom, horny, I saw again the handsome guy, I decided to have sex anyway.

Bringing my bags with fresh food, I buzzed his number, to told me to go up, the door was ajar.

I heard from his voice that he was eager, and infact he was already naked in bed, with some lube next to him. I felt rather clumsy with my jacket, my bags, my friendly hello.

He was younger than expected, definitely nice, dark hair, totally smooth on his body and ass: he was from South America, probably from Colombia. I have no idea where I got this detail from, but I have it written in my note.

I got undressed as quickly as possible and while I was still standing he took my dick and started blowing it. I remember he was really good, even if all seemed anxious and I could not relax myself completely. Then he simply laid on his back and asked to be rimmed. I can never say no to that, it drives my crazy when I hear the other person moaning or talking dirty. Then he stopped again and as quickly as before, started putting some lube in his ass and asked to be fucked. I could not see any condom, I didn’t have any and felt unease.

I stopped him, told him to go down on me again, more to take some time, but he seemed kind of frantic, wanted to be fucked immediately. He told me you fuck me or you go. It was an easy choice, I decided to go.

Damn young guy, he was nice looking, how can he be so desperate to crave it in one minute?

Month later he tried to reach me again, I was complitely surprised but after a few lines I realized that I was not aware of who I was.

I behave badly, I played with him, told him that I wanted to meet him asap and then stopped replying. I know, it was silly and childish but still it made me feel in control and kind of even.

So I got really nothing good from this guy, neither as a sex experience, nor as personal behaving.


on “Boy #15, the guy who seemed too messy to be hot
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  1. Not to be too judgmental but my experience with young latinos here, in Washington DC where I live is similar.
    I am older, old in fact, but I’m tall, in good shape, hot looking, if not handsome, and most of all have a huge and beautiful dick.
    At the Crew Club, the only sauna in town, a town without cruise clubs, as well, in other words the only place to have casual sex in a non private setting, I am frequently approached by young Latino guys. They come into my room and present their asses to me and just want to be fucked. No kissing, no touching, no oral sex, mutual or otherwise. They just want a human dildo. I ask them to leave, unless they are exquisite, in which case I will fuck them.

  2. Thank you for sharing so honestly.
    I’ve read many (not all) of your posts and see that you sometimes go (or perhaps now it’s used to go) to the Vault.
    I was in London 3 times last year and went there often, especially on naked nights.
    Usually great fun!
    Next time I’m in London, which will probably be in October or November, I will contact you just to let you know, for no good reason.
    If you go you could wonder which one of these guys is me, Ben Dotado, and I could wonder which one is you.
    So you needn’t tell me if you’re coming, but you could say you are and come or not come. I’d still have the fun of the game.
    Sound like fun?

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