Boy #12, the Spanish guy in the hotel

Every now and then I open Grindr at work to spot some colleagues (once I discovered that one big boss is also a big spoon, googled big spoon and now I know that he is a top) or people working and walking nearby.

It is a bit annoying because you cannot get access to Grindr using the wifi (moral decisions are taken where you wouldn’t expect them and not where needed), but sometimes it is worth it. I saw a very nice guy with a Spanish nickname, a cheerful smile, who clearly stated in the description what he wanted. We chatted a bit, he was working for the famous Spanish clothing company, in London just for a few days. He wanted to have fun in the Spanish hotel (obviously) where he stayed and I went there straight after work: luckily we have a small changing room in the basement of our company, so I went there to wash myself.

I waited in the lodge until he gave me the number of his room, it was one of those big hotels where you could probably spend the whole day without nobody noticing you. I had already been there for a meeting months ago, so I had the internet password: when your mobile connect automatically to the wifi you feel safe and home. I remember that I didn’t knock the door, but chatted him that I was there: weird choice I know, you never know when it is time to switch to real life. The door was open.

He was just back from work, still in suite and tie, which made him look amazing. He was as handsome as I expected, as tall as I am, as brilliant as I desired. We talked about our countries, London, sex dates when you are away for work. We smiled and laughed and started caressing our arms, shoulders. Foreplay with him was perfect. We stood a lot in the middle of the room kissing and licking and playing dressed, half-dressed, then undressed. He had a good latin body, masculine, hairy, not “over-cared”. He laid on the bed, I kneeled upon him, tickled his nipples, put my dick in his mouth and move back and forth. He was moaning with pleasure. I was so excited that I had to stop. I laid on him and fingered his ass. He turned on his belly and asked to be rimmed. I did. Then he asked to be fucked, he was wet, but we both realized that we didn’t have a condom. We were both excited, ready, we wanted it, we looked in each other eyes, looking for that trust that you can never really have in this occasions and decided to stop. We laughed quickly, none of us has thought about that, like two overgrown teens. In this 4/5 stars international hotel there should be the chance to ask for condoms in the rooms as well as toothpaste or instant coffee. He blew me until I came on his chest. He came while I was still using his mouth. We talked again while I was using the bathroom (I like the quality of towels in these hotels), I had to ask his name twice because I have never heard it. We both said that it would be great to meet again (and fuck next time), we kind of got along and felt attraction. I went out of the room, put a star on his profile and wrote his names in the notes. Sometimes I look if he is around. I want to play with all his body again. I should probably say hi to him on Grindr, even if he is miles away and we are probably not meant to meet again, just becuase we had such a good moment one random evening.

It may be just oral sex, but sometimes you just feel a click. We choose casual sex because we want to feel only sex, but can we avoid other feelings? Is it possible or sex is always something else, whatever it is, and we morally underestimate its meaning against the so celebrated love?

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